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I wrote about Primate Ayodele's accurate prediction through Free Kick of Daily Sun newspaper not quite long ago in which I quoted some facts from his yearly predictions book tittled: 'Warning to the Nation.'

The coming to pass of some of the predictions made me to make the book: My Daily companion. I made the book my companion basically because, year 2011 is a year of general elections and this respected man of God predicted much about the elections.

To start with, the man of God in the book, precisely page one of the book said 'the spirit of God says many presidential and governorship candidates will be disappointed. I foresee that some of the serving governors will be disappointed. Everybody knows that big names at the beginning of presidential primaries were disappointed. The result of the just concluded governorship election also serves as evidence of the coming to pas of the prediction. On page 6 of the same book, he predicted that 'government at all levels in Nigeria will effect increase in workers pay package but that will not be the answer to the economic problem of the nation. The recent accent of Federal Governments and state government in Nigeria is a vivid attestation to it.

The prediction that really frightened me most was the one on pages 10-11 where he said that the election date will be shifted. When it came to pas, I was surprised. On page 11, he predicted that 'The Lord says some members of the National Executives of the PDP will have problem. The events that led to the removal of the PDP national chairman proved him right. On the same page, he also predicted that Oyo State chapter of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) will witness great crisis. Infact, what we have in PDP chapter of Oyo State is a testimony to the prediction.

He also predicted that there is going to be violence before, during and after the election where bonies and other deadly weapons will be used. What we witnessed before and during the elections period the predictions right. With all these predictions that have come to pass, one is therefore constraint to say that the yearly book of prediction 'warning to the Nation' supposed to be a companion to an average Nigerian so as to know how to seek the face of God every day.