If Nigeria can conduct a free and fair election and teach the world how to elect an individual without necessarily agreeing with the philosophy of his party, we can do a great deal more. Revolution do not have to be bloody, it can also be brainy. Corruption is the number one enemy in Nigeria just as terror is for other countries. Corruption has eaten so deep in our mentality, we almost give up that a fair and free election can take place in our Country. We have just been proven wrong. If we can do this, we can whop corruption. The same power that backs Jega, can back anti-corruption Czar. Africa and the rest of the world can revolt, the Nigerian way.

The rest of the world must note that Nigeria has given them a shining example of African way of presidential election where the winner made impressive gain North and South, between atheist, Muslim and Christian and more important between conservatives and liberals. The will of the people is so pronounced, we do not need interpretation of the Supreme Court or hijacking of the electoral process by extremists on either side. Nigeria is ready to lead again.

This is the finest hour in Nigeria because it took individual Nigerians to accomplish a free and fair election. Our apologies and condolences must go to the families of our fallen brothers and sisters that have paid the ultimate sacrifice with their lives in some parts of the North and other places in the South. The complaints from these rioters are that some leaders have sold them out to the winner, not that their votes did not count. They won in their states with their votes but it was not enough to persuade opponents. The popular man won. What a change, eh!

You cannot blame the winner of this election for all the injustice, lack of infrastructure, poverty or little education and diseases that have been perpetrated in your state. Reset the button and start from a clean slate. If we did not riot because when we won in our states all these years, there is no reason to riot when others won in their states and you won in your states. Power by fiat or by dictatorship is coming to an end in Africa. We can take over the same corrupt parties and clean up Nigeria. PDP, ACN and CPC must be taken over to discard the vagabonds.

The Peoples Democratic Party must be very careful how they construe the result of the Presidential Election. Individuals voted for Ebele and not necessarily for his Party. If this can be repeated in this gubernatorial election, Nigeria will be on the roll. We are tired of “you chop and I chop more” type of parties. They have destroyed our Country and everything we have accomplished since the day of Independence has been washed ashore.

Enough is enough but we have to learn from Odi and Zaki-Biam massacre so that we do not fall into the trap of enemies of free and fair democratic election that lost the power play and want nothing more than chaos. There are different groups of ethnic communities all over Nigeria and some of them are running to the Army and Police barracks out of fear of reprisal. Nigerians, be careful, that is what they want so that we can start another civil war. We are wiser and we have learnt. Civil war will not happen but instigators must be fished out and brought to justice.

If these youths that became messengers of individual ambitions, only knew the history of Hausa States and proud of it, they would not be attacking their own African blood and kin in disguise for religion and ethnocentrism of one drop of blood rule. They use Hausa youth in the Northern States to kill, maim and scare the hell out of their brothers and sisters that have invested all they have in the North and have no place to run to. General Buhari was right; this election was not about religion or ethnicity but about who can move the Country forward. Yet, when they say it is not about the money, you can bet your bottom naira, it is about the money.

The shallow promotion of history in our schools and colleges as a compulsory subject second to no other religion and culture anywhere in the world will be paid for with our blood and sweat. Any culture and religion that does not define itself, will be incorporated within other cultures and religions and defined for us. Of all continents, Africa is the only one that has no indigenous religion. There is Christian in Europe, Hindu in Asia and Muslim in the Middle East but there is no definable religion indigenous to us. We import religion and culture like everything else. So we take order, guidance and encouragement about prayers from outside, but God is in Nigeria and everywhere.

Religion is a powerful link to God and believers are willing to wage a crusade or jihad to deride or kill nonbelievers for their religions. Unfortunately, religious beliefs anoint political leaders. Nigeria does not have Mecca or Jerusalem, the head of Catholic Church is the Pope in Vatican, the head of the Anglican Church is the Archbishop of Canterbury, Sultan, Caliph or Ayatollah for Muslim, Jesus and Mohamed are their most powerful link to God. The closest to God in Nigeria are Pilgrims and Alhajis (traveler and foreigner). Any political leader that is not in their favor is not fit to rule!

How can Chukwuma (Chukwu = God) be devil’s name? Our fathers named us and we give the same names to our children, perpetuating the religions that blessed us into slavery and justify crusade and jihad. This election is not about religion and ethnic group but religions that we were brought up with that anoint our political leaders. Listen to African children quoting Koran and Bible word for word in Latin or Arabic but hardly speak their own language. The time spent learning Latin or Arabic could have been spent on Hausa States and religion, Igbo Ukwu, Oduduwa, Adimu or Kanuri, Ibibio, Barone religion.

We have come a long way but we still have more to go. This election is a first step in the right direction and we must seize this opportunity to encourage the political system with our votes so that they do not relapse into their old ways. We need vigorous but not destructive parties in opposition. No party has all the answers and no party can dominate a state indefinitely.

The best we can accomplish in next week election for the governors is to repeat what we did for Ebele. Vote for the best candidates, not their parties. Vote for Labor, CPC, ACN, APGA, PPA and PDP candidates that are sincere and willing to serve the people not their pockets or put feathers in their kingdom of corruption.

Written by Farouk Martins Aresa.

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