Presidential Polls: Situation Reports/Results Update


As the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) in Nigeria is conducting 2011 presidential elections today, Saturday, April 16, 2011, brings the situation reports and updates for Presidential Polls at the various polling booths across the country..     The presidential election kicked off across the country as accreditation of voters was reported to have started as early as 8:00 am.    

In Otuoke, in Bayelsa, country home of President Goodluck Jonathan, reports say that the President and candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was accredited alongside his wife, Patience,   his mother, Eunice and several other aides at about   8:15am at his Otuoke polling unit, in Bayelsa State.     It is also reported that there are more turn-out of people queuing up for accreditation and voting.    

The turn-out of registered voters in Delta state is impressive as accreditation started as at 8:00 am. At Uzoigwe Primary School, Asaba, the state capital. A number of persons have been accredited waiting to vote as from 12 noon at the various polling stations visited.     Uniformed policemen had mounted check points at strategic places to curb unusual movement of persons and vehicles.  

  At Ugborikoko, in Warri, the situation today, has become tense as security operatives have taken over the place following, Friday's near attack on Governor Emmanuel Uduaghan and his campaign train when some youths denied him entrance into the area suspected to be a stronghold of the Democratic Peoples Party (DPP).    

Delta commissioner of police, Adisa Bolanta who confirmed the chaos which later resulted in the destruction of vehicles and scores of persons said the situation is now calm and that some persons have been arrested in connection with the incident.     Reports also have it that Governor Uduaghan voted in his home town, Abigborodo in Warri North local government area.     Meanwhile, results of the presidential election as announced from polling units in most part of the country indicate that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) is leading.    

In Lagos state, the pendulum shifted towards the PDP even as the ACN seems to have held sway in some ACN controlled states in the South West geo-political zone.     The results from Ogun and Ekiti states, another stronghold of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) also shows a low magnitude of victory for the PDP.  

  Reports across Ondo state show that the joining of forces by the Peoples Democratic Party and the Labour Party swept the election for President Goodluck Jonathan who led comfortably in the election.  

  Results pasted in different units across the state as at the time of filling in this reports indicate that President Jonathan was leading with a very wide margin but the North seems to have come out to have their pound of flesh as the CPC is suggested to be in the lead in the core Buhari stronghold.  

  Leaders of both the PDP and LP mobilized their supporters across the state to vote for Jonathan immediately the state LP ratified the position of its national leadership by adopting the candidacy of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan for the presidency.  

  For instance, in Akure, Ondo State PU/28/06/04/017, accreditation went on fine with over 200 accredited voters.  

  At Old Alagbaka Okelisa ward 05 Unit 020 in Akure, President Jonathan polled 93 votes to defeat Ribadu 21 votes while CPC polled 2, ANPP5 and PPP 1.  

In Abuja, FCT PU/37/06/04/018, accreditation went on fine; people queued up to vote, although the total number of accredited voters was not announced while in Makurdi, Benue State PU/07/09/10/008, some problems were witnessed with voting, as some people (in pickup) have been bussed in, even as secret voting was being discouraged.  

But Prince Tony Momoh, National Chairman, Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) in a release made available to stated that praised Nigerians in their enthusiasm to pick the leaders of their choice.   He recalled that

 'Last week, there were obvious lapses we drew attention to in the elections we held to the national assembly. A lot of anomalies were recorded between the voting centres and the collating stations.

The figures would just not add up. And as people have always been told, let them go to court. It is our view that elections must be won at polling centres through the people's vote. The final outcome in other climes has been and should also here be that what happens at collation centres is the simple totalling of what the voters said through the ballot.   

'Reports reaching us from most polling stations from some zones of the country show clearly the trappings of freeness and fairness in the elections. Much as we concede to the INEC the obligation in law to announce results, we have access to the results posted at the various voting centers and we believe and insist that what we are given as results will be the totality of the votes cast.   

'We draw attention to the need for openness in the collation stage of the elections because of disturbing reports we have of massive infusion into our electoral process of the results of illegal ballot papers that have been discovered countrywide in the control of those who have no business having them. This is a clear breach of INEC directives which seemed to have been so very confidently obeyed in the breach than the observance. 

  'Reports from the field show that there was a large turnout of voters in three geo political zones - North-East, North-West and North-Central. There was low turnout in the South-South, South-East and South-West. Free and fair on the face as the elections were in many places, they were characterized by large circulation of ballot papers/boxes and result sheets outside the approved polling stations before and during the elections.       

'There were violations of processes of the elections by INEC itself nationwide. These violations include the non-disclosure of the volume of electoral materials to political parties at national, state and local government levels; the absence of elections in many rural areas in places like Rivers. Akwa Ibom, Delta States, and most parts of the South East. There were also late commencement of elections in some places including Nanya and Lugbe in FCT, Jos North Local government, and Kashere in Gombe State. Most embarrassing was the non-release of results at polling stations, and where released, not pasting.        

'As we issue this statement, we are aware of intensive moves to mutilate results of the elections. The pattern of voting countrywide is being tracked and posted on the net. We plead most sincerely that no one should embarrass this country by manipulating results through imposing on the people what they did not say through the vote that represents the only power they have to show that in them and only in them does sovereignty reside'.    

Presidential Results Update(Unconfirmed:   
PU 37/06/01/017,Area 8,Abuja Voters: 784 CPC-237 PDP-458 ACN-7 BNPP-1 FRESH-1 HDP-1 NCP-1 PDC-1 SDMP-1 Void -12  

PU:37/06/04/025- maitama, -Abj: CPC-638; PDP-260; APS-1; FDP-1; ANPP-4; ACN-5; PPP-2; PDC-2; NTP-1; PMP-1; NCP-1; ARP-1    

PU05/02/03/019 ACN-4 CPC-550 PDP-6   [Kofar Baba Katagum, Bauchi]   Makama Jahun/Opp Sen. Abubakar Maikafi's Residence Bauchi, ANPP-1 ACN-2 BNNP-2 PDP-9 CPC-850  

BAYELSA: CPC-0 PDP-413 ACN-0. VOID-11 Accredited-480 votes-424    [President GEJ's polling unit]      

Unguwar Doki , Maiduguri, Borno State PDP 54 ANPP 1 CPC 570       

Vice presidential candidate of the ANPP, Odigie Oyegun, loses election in own unit, polling 11 votes against PDP's 146 votes        

Igbemo Ekiti PU 13/13/04/015 ....Out of 334 registered voters only about 64 accredited as at 10:20 am     ILEJEMEJE LGA, EKITI STATE: ACN-2785 PDP-1991  

  PU 13/11/09/003 ACN-75 PDP-52                      
  PU 13/11/09/005 ACN-42 PDP-30                      
  PU 13/11/09/008 ACN-63 PDP24                     
  PU 13/04/02/020   ACN-21 PDP-37;                     
  PU 13/04/02/004 ACN-15   PDP-77   CPC-1 void-8    
  PU 13/09/09/005 at Iloro-Ekiti in Ijero LGA, Ekiti State ACN-66 PDP-55  
  PU13/02/05/009 ACN-16 PDP-50  
  PU13/02/05/010 ACN-16 PDP-35  
  PU13/02/05/011 ACN-21 PDP-42  
  PU13/02/05/012 ACN-4 PDP-11  
  PU13/02/05/005 ACN-29 PDP-42  
  PU13/02/05/006 ACN-29 PDP-16  
  PU13/02/05/007 ACN-53 PDP-6  
  PU13/02/05/008 ACN-36 PDP-34  
  PU 13/02/05/001 ACN-8 PDP-0  
  PU13/02/05/002 ACN-61 PDP-29  
  PU13/02/05/003 ACN-7 PDP 14  
  PU13/02/05/004 ACN-20 PDP-37  
  PU 13/01/04/007 ACN-34 PDP-66  
  PU 13/04/02/003 ACN-12 PDP-40    
  PU 13/04/02/005 ACN-45 PDP-21  
  PU 13/13/10/003 ACN-27 PDP-32  
  PU 13/01/10/018 ACN-40 ANPP-5 APS-1 CPC-4 PDC-2 PDP-142 PPP-1 Void-2  
PU13/01/090/21 ACN-118 PDP-175 CPC-7   PU13/01/09/020 ACN-103 PDP-172 CPC-9   PU13/04/02/022 ACN-2 PDP-16   PU13/04/02/023 ACN-86 PDP-86   PU13/04/02/018 ACN-3 PDP-15   PU13/04/02/019 ACN-17 PDP-84   PU13/04/02/020 ACN-21 PDP-37   PU13/04/02/021 ACN-41 PDP-41   PU13/04/02/014 ACN-85 PDP-30   PU13/04/02/015 ACN-49 PDP-22   PU13/04/02/016 ACN-46 PDP-11   PU13/04/02/017 ACN-80 PDP-41   PU13/04/02/010 ACN-9 PDP-27   PU13/04/02/011 ACN-9 PDP-32   PU13/04/02/012 ACN-40 PDP-68     PU13/04/02/013 ACN-22 PDP-27          

  A Kofar Jibir Dukku Gombe, CPC 576, PDP 3 votes, ANPP 1 vote     

PU:18/10/05/15 Kaduna Kakuri Hausa PDP-106 CPC-245 Others-0.  
  PU:18/10/05/034 CPC-197 PDP-60 Others-0  

  Kaduna Capital School. PDP-163 ACN-6 ANPP-1 CPC-441 Void-1  

  Soba Local Govt PDP-102 CPC-7632 ACN-53 ANPP-22....  

Kaduna Capital School, Kaduna. PDP-163 ACN-6 ANPP-1 CPC-441       

PU19/31/01/010 PDP-70 ANPP-52 ACN-1 CPC-474, Invalid 3    

KATSINA:   T/wada 2 Daura LGA Katsina state: CPC 484, PDP 11, ADC 1, ANPP 2, BNPP 1, Invalid 3  

Sayyadi II Dandume 'A' Dandume LGA Katsina State: PDP 47: ACN 2: CPC 519     Katsina central CPC 975 PDP 7 ACN 2      

KOGI:     Lokoja CPC 395 PDP 65, Kabawa 1 CPC 566 PDP 47,  

  NRC Unit CPC 319,PDP 154,  
  RIMI UNIT CPC 333 PDP 33,  
YARAGI CPC 433, PDP 33      
Ilorin East St John unit: PDP 271; ACN 18; CPC 18; MPPP 1; PDC 1; PMP 1; PPP 2

St John LGEA 3: PDP 219; ACN 11; CPC 28; LDPN 1; MPPP 1; NCP 1; NTP 1; PMP 1

Magaji area 2: ACN 14; ANPP 1; PDC 1; NCP 1; CPC 14; PDP 196     

At Faro Ojora/Shitta/Ogunlana/Surulere/James Robertson. 036/07/020/. PDC, 2, PMP 1, ANPP 4, ACN 18, CPC 49, PDP 112. Void ballots 3. Total: 189        

PU: 24/19/11/046 (Gbagada Comp. High Sch) PNP 2 | PPP 1 | ANPP 8 | ACN 69 | CPC 133 | PDP 293          

PU 24/17/06/013 Oto Awori Ijaniki PDP-165 ACN- 58 CPC-5        

At polling Unit Ayangburen road, Ward 007, Ikorodu, Lagos. PDP-85, ACN-61, CPC-10, ANPP-1, PDC-1    

PU: 24/13/02/014. ACN-30 PDP-165 CPC-95 PDC-1 BNPP-1 PDC-1 ANPP-2 Fresh- 1 Void-8    

PU: 24/13/02/013. ACN-43 PDP-173 ADC-02 CPC-67 PDC-1 PPP-3 PNPP-1 PDC-1 ANPP-2 Fresh- 2 NCP-O1 Void-36  

  PU 24/O8/04/029 PDP 245, ACN 38, CPC 42, ANPP 3, PPP3, LDPN 2, VOID 4, PDC 1, NCP 1  

  PU 24/10/03/030 PDP-212 ACN-38 CPC-16 Void-14 ANPP-1 ADC-2 Fresh-1 PPP-1 BNPP-1  

  PU 24/11/03/047 ACN-166 ADC-3 CPC-27 FRESH-4 NCP-1 PDP-140.  

  PU-24/08/01/009 ACN-13,CPC-53,PDP-71    
  PU 040 Surulere Lagos,   INVALID-11, BNPP-1 NTP-1 PPP-1, NMDP-2, ACN-29, CPC-27, PDP-101  

  PU 24/11/06/011..ACN-26, CPC-80, PDP-137, FRESH-1, Void-4    

  PU @ GRA, Ikeja/police barracks Ward LA01/11/09/025a. A total of 168 votes cast: CPC-29, ACN-41, PDP- 73, PPP-1, PDC-1, Invalid:12  

  PU Ayangburen road, Ward 007, Ikorodu, Lagos. PDP-85, ACN-61, CPC-10, ANPP-1, PDC-1 , NCP-1, MPPP-1  

  PU/24/08/09/011: NCP - 1 PPP - 1 ADC - 1 HDP - 1 ACN - 16   CPC - 67 PDP - 115 Void - 2 Total - 204.  

  PU: 24/11/06/004   Anpp - 1, cpc- 50, acn- 39, ncp - 1, pdp - 111  

  PU24/19/01/014: CPC - 9; PDP - 54, PPP - 1, ADC- 1, Invalid - 5, ACN - 80     This is the polling unit where Tinubu voted:     PU 24/09/11/021. Total number of votes: 268: PDP-152, CPC-78, ACN-28, APS-4, ADC-3, ANPP-3, PPP-1, PNP-1, PDC:1, Invalid:15  

  PU   24/13/05/049 ACN-47 CPC-16 NCP-2 PDP-130 PPP-1 APS-1  

  Abule-Egba - CPC - 48, PDP -174, ACN-57, PNP-1, ANPP-3, PPP-3, Invalid-15  

  PU 24/09/11/021. Total number of votes: 268: PDP-152, CPC-78, ACN-28, APS-4, ADC-3, ANPP-3, PPP-1, PNP-1, PDC:1, Invalid:15  

  PU   24/13/05/049 ACN-47 CPC-16 NCP-2 PDP-130 PPP-1 APS-1  

   PU 24/08/08/012 Void 9, BNPP 1, PDC 1, NCP 1, ADC 1, PPP2,ANPP 3, ACN 30, CPC 47, PDP 239  

   PU 24/11/105/023 Accredited 271, Total Votes 209, Void 7, ACN=21, CPC=85, PDP=94, ADC=1, NCP=1     PU:24/11/02/029 Presidential result in Omole Phase 1 PDP-879 CPC-309 ACN-205 ANPP-10 FRESH-17  

  PU 24/11/02/010 PDP-259 ACN-95 CPC-40 ANPP-5  
  PU: 24/08/06/016 PDC-2| ANPP-1| PPP-1| CPC-24|VOID-5| ACN-124| PDP-302 | Total Votes- 459 | Total accredited-512|  

PU 008 09 19 Somolu PDP 300, ACN 131, CPC 45, ANPP 3       

NASARAWA:   RESULTS: PU 25/08/09/011 NCP-1 PPP-1 ADC-1 HDP-1 ACN-16 CPC-67 PDP-115 Void-2 Total-204.       

NIGER:   PU: 26/06/02/002 PDP: 93 CPC: 478 ACN:1  

PU 26/06/09/016: Minna Niger state CPC 299, PDP 77, ACN 8          

OGUN:   PU 27/16/07/14 PDP-200, ACN-140, CPC-44, ANPP-2, PPP-2, PDC-2  

PU 27/02/07/016 PDP-141, ACN-59, CPC-16.      
PU 28/06/04/017   PDP 168 ACN - 31 CPC-23 ANPP -2 PMP - 2   UNPP-1 Void - 7   [Akure Ijapo Estate]      

IB North Ward5, Unit 11ACN-39 ANPP-3 CPC-67 Fresh-1 HDP-1 NCP-1 PDP-177 PNP-4 Void-4 TOTAL-298  

PU30/20/01/001 - Total Votes 565: ACN: 87   CPC: 73 PDP: 382   PU30/20/01/002 - Total Votes 504: ACN: 104 CPC: 53 PDP: 289      

Moh'd wada PU001, Jos, Plateau State PDP-123 ACN-1 CPC-236 DPP-3 FRESH-1 Void-4  

  PU31/06/02/010 Rayfield Jos ACN-1 ADC-1 ANPP-1 CPC- 2 NNDP-1 PNP-1 PPP-1 Void-14 PDP-984  

PU   31/02/01/013 GSS BASSA PDP=859 CPC=111 DPP=1 ANPP=3 ACN=2 Invalid=34.         

PU 32/15/06/001 Rivers Obio/akpor Ward 6: ANPP-1 ACN-2 CPC-31 PDP-1690        

PU33/16/06/009   ACN 2, ANPP 2, CPC 620, PDP 52. Invalid Votes 22. [Gidan Igwai, Runjin Sambo, Sokoto. ]   Daga Barth Road, Sokoto North, CPC - 496 PDP - 158 ANPP - 4 ACN -4