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Popular radio stations in Lagos

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Larry Izamoje and Ben Bruce Being the undisputable nerve centre of entertainment and the heart of Nigeria's economy, it is not farfetched why Lagos State has more TV and Radio stations than any other state. Although, signals of some of these Lagos based FM radio stations cannot go beyond the state and its environs, the likes of Rhythm FM, Cool FM, Raypower FM, Wazobia FM and Brilla FM are live in some states outside Lagos. More than 22 FM radio stations are currently battling for supremacy on the airwaves. Here are the names and frequencies of Lagos's hottest FM radio stations.

Brilla 88.9 FM: This is the Nigeria's first private sport radio. It is owned by the great sport analyst, Larry Izamoje and it is first on your dial.

EKO 89.75 FM: Apart from having a wider coverage than any other private radio station, the Lagos State-owned FM radio station transmission is also on the internet.

GATEWAY 90.5 FM: This is another state-owned FM radio station with wide coverage. The Ogun Stateowned FM station was formerly known as OGBC 11 FM before it was re-christened a couple of years ago.

TOP 90.9 FM: This is one of the newest FM radio stations in Lagos. Top radio, which is running to its third year on the airwaves and still quite hot at the moment, is owned by the famous moviemaker, Amaka Igwe.

INSPIRATION 92.3 FM: Apart from making his mark in the banking industry, Erastus Akingbola took another big step in the broadcasting world when he floated Inspiration FM two years ago. At the moment, Inspiration FM has many people hooked to its 92.3 frequency, all thanks to Dan Foster and other great voices that cross-carpeted from other radio stations to give the station the needed inspiration.

BOND 92.9 FM: This is a federal government-owned FM station. Bond, which is one of the sister stations of Radio Nigeria is known for the combination of Nigerian Languages and English language in its broadcasting style. Koko Inu Iwe Iroyin, the early money newspapers review in Yoruba language, is one of the reasons it is loved by the grassroots people.

RHYTHM 93.7FM: Talk about private FM radio stations with rhythm and style, Ben Bruce's Rhythm FM, leads while other follows. Although, most proudly Nigerians are having problem with the seaside radio station foreign sort of broadcasting style, Rhythm is obviously among the most listened to FM radio station in Lagos.

Rainbow 94.1 FM: This is the latest among all the new radio stations that hit the airwaves early last year. The Lagos/ Ibadan expressway-based FM station is run by Keke Ogungbe.

Wazobia 95.1 FM: Wazobia FM is one of the most popular radio stations currently rocking the airwaves. The growing popularity of the indigenous radio station is not unconnected to its strictly Pidgin English broadcasting style and crop of talented presenters, who have been dazzling the listeners with their 'yarns.'

Cool 96.9 FM: The Victoria Island-based FM station, is one of the first set of private FM stations in Lagos. And ever since cool FM berthed, it has set the pace among its competitors.
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