Failed Parliamentary Elections: Jega Must Resign


Today is one of the saddest days in the history of Nigeria. One more time we managed to reinforce our reputation as a useless country filled with spineless people and ruled by a Mafia group which is the PDP before anything else, the decent and honorable thing is for Professor Jega to resign. He needs to save whatever is left of his integrity. INEC was manipulated by the PDP and they did it successfully. This is stealing in style and we are all quiet. First, the INEC requested for billions of naira for voters' registration and they got it. They requested for more billions for logistics and they got it. They managed to bring such worthless and broken machines that the voters' registration exercise was a spectacular failure and we all managed to soldier on. We just wanted an election that will break the yoke of the PDP. see WHAT WE GOT FOR IT. JIGAWA COULD NOT VOTE BECAUSE ITS ELECTORAL MATERIALS WERE TAKEN TO YOBE STATE! WAY TO GO NIGERIA.  

  While we all prepared to check mate the PDP in its rigging game, they had another plan for us. Their plan which we have just seen today is for the election not to hold. The thief just escaped with the loot through the back door while we all guarded the front door. Professor jega needs to explain to us why in spite of all the assurances he gave us about his agency's preparedness for a smooth election, he failed woefully today. Even Abuja, the Federal Capital did not get voting materials. Abuja, the same city where INEC office is located! You could not have failed more Professor Jega.   I was up as early as 0400 hours, prepared to see Jega and his INEC live up to their promises. I should have stayed in my bed. Several thousand naira in calling cards and all I got was this tragic announcement of cancellation of the election.  

  It is just disingenuous to suggest postponing the elections till Monday, 4th April. How on earth will that be possible when we will   have only 5 days before the epochal presidential election? Professor Jega and his masters in the PDP know that is not possible.   It is logistically not feasible, but they want to sell that dummy to us anyway. We will not buy into that charade.   The game plan,   fellow Nigerians is that THERE WILL BE NO ELECTIONS AFTER ALL. THE PDP KNOWS IT WILL LOSE BY   A LAND SLIDE IF WE HOLD   FREE AND FAIR ELECTIONS.   IN OTHER TO PREVENT THEIR DEFEAT, THEY WILL RATHER THROW THE BABY AND BATH WATER OUT. Think about it, we fought back and resisted their attempt to prevent us from bringing camera phones to the polling areas. We fought hard and got a system close to option A-4, we resisted the useless order of having the military stand by to terrorize us on behalf of the PDP as they did in   2007.   We insisted on waiting around to see our votes counted. The PDP had its back to the wall. Nothing left to do than to create a situation where there will not be any voting and it has achieved its aim.  

  What we ought to ask the PDP and INEC is this, where are they going to get new ballot papers for all those states such as Lagos and Ondo for example when there was partial voting. If indeed INEC meant its mantra of one man one vote, then those voters in the aforementioned 2 states will be disenfranchised on Monday. There will be no ballot papers for them to use. If however, they are given new ballot papers, will it be from the stock of extra stored for the PDP to inflate their votes or to substitute for those who voted against them? Fellow Nigerians,   there will be no elections in 2011. Nigeria has failed again and nothing surprising there. This country is a sick joke ruled by Godless people. It is ok for us to spend hours in church making supplications to a God who   has no hands in our self inflicted wound. All those supplications amount to nothing.  

  This is what may likely happen. Since the Apostle of do or die politics, General Olusegun Obasanjo is determined to ruin Nigeria, we will end up with a UNITARY GOVERNMENT. This government may just spend 1-2 years in office before they call a new election. It is alright. However, we ought to insist on a drastic review of the military imposed   constitution. We must ask for a decentralized government. More powers must devolve to the states. State police, federalism, etc must be part of our demands. Anything less than that must be resisted and is unacceptable. We also need to watch out for people with Napoleon complex, touts and political jobbers. We need to take our destiny in our hands, We must not allow these people who use us to negotiate with government to get power again. Thank you very much we can speak for ourselves. We do not need any   Pastor, Imam, or those who are beneficiaries of the system to speak for us.   We do not need those who pretend to care for us but are political prostitutes to speak for us. We must make sure we resist those who ask us to live in poverty while they have several homes overseas to negotiate for us. We do not need fugitives from justice to sit at the bargaining table on our behalf. So many people who did nothing, who contributed nothing to the fight for democracy have run away with the gain. Those who know nothing about the fight for the constitution have hijacked power and used us to bargain for high offices. Enough. We will   not allow these people to come back. If they do, we must be ready to chase them away. They are clones of the PDP even while they pretend otherwise. The youths   must act more responsibly. They can not remain youths forever. We must have a list of people who should never be allowed to hold public offices   again in Nigeria on account of their antecedents.  

Fellow Nigerians, the PDP just took us for a ride. This government must be forced to resign. We need to dissolve the National Assembly and have an interim government in place. Anything short of that is unacceptable. This party has taken us for a ride too many times. It is not even about Professor Jega now, it is all about his staff, his commissioners in the various states who are completely compromised. Professor Jega should save whatever is left of his reputation by resigning immediately.

By Stella Lebi