Open Letter to Delta State Head of Service (Chief Okey Ofili, KSM,JP)


Dear Sir,   I pray that this letter meets you well. As a person who is well acquainted with your leadership qualities, permit me to say here that over the years your leadership as Head

 of Service, HOS of Delta state civil service has been a great blessing to many people, including me. You made a positive impact during your time as the permanent secretary, ministry of Energy, and I pray that Mr. Edwin Ogidi-Gbegbaje, the current PS will step up your good works. For this, I commend you.  Having worked with you and knowing the starling qualities God blessed you with, I am confident that you will react positively to issues I will raise in this letter. I am a civil servant working under your able headship, I live here in Asaba and have worked with you years before you became the HOS, so I know you as a man of principle and moral high grounds. Accept my apologies sir, for doing this in the open.

I fully understand that the contents of my letter may not interest those people who now live in a 'modern global time'.  I may be called busybody by those who pretend to mind their business; the 'socialites' would dismiss me and my message and advise me to keep my old haggard and conservative life to myself. Some may even suggest that my head be examined by psychiatric doctors. I bear no grudges against them but because I know the truth, I will in good conscience, stand by the full content of this letter and will be ready to defend and prove every single issue I will raise here.

Sir, there is a general impression that abuse of office, mismanagement of public funds and sex for favour have not only reached alarming proportion but are alive and well in Delta State civil service. This creeping evil is despicable and impacts negatively on the image of our state. I urge you sir, to draw the attention of MR. KINGSLEY OLUMOKORO, the chief protocol officer, directorate of Government House and Protocols, who happens to be a Knight of St. Mulumba (like you) MR. MACAULAY OVUOZORIE, MR. EMEKA OKONJI and RMD to the dangers of using the paraphernalia of office to corner another man's wife. This practice is terrible, a disgrace that brings no known benefits to these men, the woman and our society while it carries many punishments, including serious marital and spiritual problems, sickness and mismanagement of public funds. These men are devilishly assaulting civil service codes of conduct and very painfully promoting sex for favour as a modern life style. Mr. Okonji is an honourable member of the state house of assembly while Mr.Ovuozorie is the commissioner for Energy. Both of them are politicians who may be answerable to other authorities, but I know you are a very humble man, a devout Christian, a father and a husband who understands family values. You have worked with Ovuozorie and still have a very cordial relationship with him. Sir, please, please, do not listen to their hypocritical and self-serving denials. I will save them the embarrassment (especially the woman) of the exposures that would have been made openly here. They must be dumb skulls to believe that their ear biting atrocities are well kept secrets.

The woman in question (I won't mention her name) is Ibo from across the Niger and works in the directorate of culture and tourism, married with children. For the sake of 'official favour', she is known to even have sexual liaison with her commissioner and commissioner's special assistant. Unbelievable, it may seem, but it is happening, even openly (there is verifiable proof, sir). These men take advantage of her vulnerability and husband's absence to desecrate their fellow man's marriage. The children are traumatized and I do not need to tell you of the psychological consequences this madness is having on them and our society.  Mr. Kingsley Olumokoro uses his position as CPO to perpetrate acts unbecoming of a Knight.

Apart from giving official vehicles owned by the state and drivers paid by the state to this woman when she is travelling, he books expensive hotel suits within and outside Asaba, including meals for the woman, himself and her children for days and all is paid for by the state government. This is not just in one occasion (again sir, there is proof) and this has been going on for a long time. Sir, this is an abuse of office and injustice that can make sane human beings cringe. All men and women of good conscience must be concerned about it.  I challenge Mr. Olumokoro to deny and full details of this sexual madness will be exposed including the ones that happen many times in his office and the woman's full identity.

Another area that I am seriously concerned about is the lack of shame that is fast overtaking our culture, the dangerous attempt to condone impunity and our foolish wisdom not to expose this demonic code. The woman may have lost her sense of shame, but any person who understands that little children easily copy whatever they see must speak up against this atrocity. This show of shame is no secret in Asaba. This woman is always present in big parties, hotels (for example Grand Hotel, Orchid Hotel), restaurants (for example Calabar Kitchen) eateries (for example, Macdons) and bars gallivanting with these men anytime. If a woman cheaply desecrates her marriage for material acquisition, does it mean that men will shamelessly throw caution to winds? Or is it because it is a man's world, men should abuse public office and waste public money with impunity? What about their fellow man who married this woman? Do they think that they deserve her more than the man who married her?  What justifies the practice of abusing their public profile for sinful, illicit sexual relationship? If everyone who occupies a privileged office acts irresponsibly, how can our state develop? They may deny this as much as they want, and I do not expect them not to, but when the chips are down, the world will know how they use public money for immoral sexual gratification.   

These men are all married, Christians (Emeka Okonji and Kingsley Olomukoro are Knights) occupy public positions, yet they think it is ok for public officers of their status to resort to impunity, all in the name of being men. But the last time I checked, using public office to desecrate another man's marriage is not what real men do. Real men use public resources under their care for the intended purpose. Real men are guardians, role models, caring husbands, good fathers and family oriented. Real men encourage moral upbringing of our children, show more sense and refuse to take advantage of a married woman's vulnerability to do stupid things that will affect children's psychology negatively. Real men offer genuine help to those who come to them for assistance, and refuse to attach any strings.  Sir, I know you as one head of service that commands the respect of all in our service. You can stop this evil, save innocent children and save our state resources. Adultery is a taboo before God and humanity frown at it. It may be true that in a man's absence, many things that will not happen in his home begin to happen. But those things can only happen if the woman permits it to happen. A woman who desecrates her marriage in order drive big cars, wear designer dresses, expensive jewelleries, etc is in satanic bondage. A married woman should be a symbol of motherhood, who is able to rebuff the advances of men who have no conscience, tell them to their face to go to hell.

This woman has low self esteem and lacks confidence. She shot herself on the foot when she began ill-advised and sinful multiple extra-marital affairs because of the 'official favours' these shameless men dangle at her face. My children are all grown up now. When they were younger, our family finance was not the best. I did not look up to men for any assistance. I went to God full time. I know that men are ready to exploit the greed and weakness of women to ridicule them and spite their husbands, especially those women who pay attention to material things and status but do not know what patience in marriage really means. Help from such evil men, like the ones whose names are mentioned here come with devilish attachments, marital problems, pain, agony, gossip, and negative consequences. Ultimate help comes from God. God's help brings no shame, no sorrow, no pain, no gossip, and no fear. God answered and today, my husband (whom I respect so much, even though I am more educated and have always had a better job), I and our children are better for that patience. The lesson I leant is that patience, loyalty to husband and respect to matrimonial vows pays. As a woman, wife and mother, I am deeply worried and it distresses me when I see young growing children being exposed to immorality by their own mother. They may grow up to think it is ok to do stupid things for monetary and material gains. When they grow up to adolescence, what example would their mother have set for them with this madness? 

I used to worship in the same church with Mr. Kingsley Olomukoro and family, this woman and her family. I am not sure his wife knows that the fair woman who once worked with her husband in the same office, and   thinks she is a family friend continuously sleeps with her husband. I know that Mr. Olumokoro is friends with this woman's husband and it hurts my soul when an innocent gentleman is being deceived. When I look at Mr. Kingsley Olomukoro, a CPO who abuses his office, and steals from the commonwealth of the Delta people to pay for sexual gratification, an unrepentant adulterer, a man who consciously and constantly sleeps with his friend's wife, performing church functions, I cringe and see only an inanimate thing; a pretender trying hard to deceive himself but Jehovah is not deceived at all. One Sunday (after service), I saw Mr. Olomukoro shaking this woman's husband with two hands and talking with him, I felt  very sharp  and deep pain in my soul and goose pimples filled me. Can you imagine? This man lives in self-deceit. I have since stopped worshiping there. When I see Mr. Emeka Okonji, RMD and Mr. Macaulay Ovuozorie, I do not see father figures, Christian fathers,   or respected public officials. I am sorry, but I see nothing but wickedness, deceit and immorality codified. These evil men must be told that using the paraphernalia of public office to lure and sleep with another man's wife is not pleasing our creator, ALMIGHTY GOD.

I consider the impunity of these men as indecent, egotistical, dishonourable, dreadful and unfitting of individuals worthy of occupying public office. Sir, my interest in this open letter is partly to intimate you with this deeply offensive, irresponsible and shameful acts that  symbolize outright aberration, and also because of my grave concerns regarding these men's illicit ties to another man's wife using the instruments of state to destroy the minds of little children. Thus, this letter is not just to enlighten the pinheads with devilish intents that Kingsley, Emeka, RMD, Macaulay and others in this show of shame represent, but for those genuine minds who visit this website for information on how public office holders run our society down as I strongly believe that those entrusted with public office must account for their actions. This letter represents the freedom of expression which those who abuse their privileged positions will do anything to kill because of the 'embarrassment' exposing their dirty and pretentious life styles will have on them. I expect that some people will label me agent of blackmail for going public, but I have already apologized to you sir. Before they do, let me say that using the perks of office to distort innocent children's mind by these evil men is a measure of the stupidity of our state officials. So, I am ready to take all punches that they will throw at me. Let me be anything, but my goal, Heaven bear me witness, is to help see that public resources are properly used for public good,  and to save a straying   woman, wife and   a fellow mother who has no idea that her quest for materialism through short cut can only lead to a dead end.  Take it or leave it, there is no good reason for a married woman to reduce herself to a humiliating object of ridicule by conscienceless men.

Lastly sir, these men are welcome to challenge the authenticity of the claims made in this letter and I will gladly expose all they thought were well guarded secrets. I will open the books, including details of how Mr. Macaulay Ovuozorie used public money to buy jeep for this same woman, brand of jeep, how he used official cover to bring it to Asaba, where it was delivered, where it was parked and registration details. I will reveal, with proof how both Mr. Emeka and Mr. Macaulay deploy public facilities to the service of this woman's private needs. It does not matter who is hurt since all of them, including the woman has no shame. If we all keep quiet, pretending to be minding our business, they will continue to fritter state resources to fund their shameful, illicit life styles.

May God Bless you, Sir  
Onome Jasper