NETPod: Waje Is So Inspired

Source: Osagie Alonge -
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Waje first hit the music scene with her single, the soulful 'Somewhere' about two years ago, little did many know that she was the voice behind P Square's mega hit 'Do me'.

over the last two years, the songstress has registered her presence in our minds with impressive cameos and worthy singles. She is now set to release her long overdue debut 'W.A.J.E', an acronym for Words Are Not Just Enough.

'So inspired' might come with the cliche 'inspirational' theme but looking deeper,it's much more than that. Waje has always stood out from her counterparts with her vocal strength. She does this again with the help of rapper/singer Muna, as both ladies cheer up the 'challenged woman' and empower her to move on in life.