Imo State Citizens Stand For Change

By Olachi Ndubuisi, MD, OD

Imo State Citizens and other patriotic and like-minded people in Nigeria and in the Diaspora are ready to stand up for a positive change.

CPC Imo State Candidates: Hon (Barr) Chukwuemeka Nwajiuba for Governor with Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu as his Deputy Governor for the upcoming April 2011 Election in Imo State, Nigeria, are the face of Change in Imo State. A society that is morally bankrupt cannot move forward and people are tired of the recurrent and endless cycle of social injustice. The background of the gubernatorial candidates assures one that the Nwajiuba-Mezu team is the Moses of Imo State to lead us into the global economy and new millennium.

Hon (Barr) Emeka Nwajiuba of Ehine Mbano, Imo State is a young, vibrant leader and activist, and an honest member of the Federal House of Representatives, holds a law degree from Imo State University and has been very active in the community, policymaking and political arena. Dr .S. Okechukwu Mezu of Emekuku, Imo State obtained his PhD in languages from John Hopkins University, a Law degree, B.A. from Georgetown, a Research Diplome d'Etudes from the Sorbonne in Paris, France. Dr. Mezu is a writer, editor, publisher, professor, renowned academic scholar, former diplomat and activist in the Biafran era, businessman/entrepreneur; and the brains behind the successful governorship of Chief Sam Mbakwe. Visit their official website, to read about their impressive C.V and their detailed visionary manifesto, aptly titled “Our Contract with Imo State,” packed with clearly elucidated short and long-term goals, carefully articulated in a manner which attests to their well-versed experience, idealistic notions, succinct realism, and potent drive. They promise to use their well-defined agenda of projects to effect change and socio-economic progress in Imo State in just one term (4 years) if elected – that's all it took to accomplish great goals in the Mbakwe era.

The vast natural resources of our country Nigeria are being depleted by corrupt, selfish leaders; and people have lost faith in our leaders and hope in the future of our country. There is a brain drain in Nigeria as professionals in their prime are leaving the country, in search of a better life and future, on a self-imposed exile. There is Hope in the Vision of Hon. Nwajiuba and Dr. S. O. Mezu, and their campaign slogan - Yes, We Can - Change Imo for Better!!! - could not have been more apt.The Nwajiuba-Mezu campaign team has re-energized spirits and boosted the morale of Igbos by touching the hearts of the common people and appealing to the innate good and love of decency and honesty in everyone. Their unique philosophy and practical agenda broadens one's mind and exalts you to the realm where you can visualize a new, improved and revitalized economy. It makes you want to hold our leaders to a higher standard such as that set by the lofty but realistic vision of these two notable gentlemen. Hon Emeka Nwajiuba could not have found a more qualified running mate with solidly tested political and diplomatic experience, and unparalleled academic achievements than Dr. Mezu.

Dr. Okechukwu Mezu has a passionate love for Imo State and his country Nigeria. As a young man, he put his PhD defense on hold to volunteer to help the political crisis in Biafra-Nigeria civil war era in 1968. He had a morbid fear of annihilation of his Igbo race, his people , his beloved culture and country. Using his skills and expertise to help his country, he translated volumes of documents into French, Spanish, German, etc to promote international awareness and solicit help for Biafra's cause. The passion, activism, vibrant spirit and patriotism of this young 26 yr old man attracted Chief Emeka Odumegwu Ojukwu to make him Biafran Ambassador to Cote D'Ivoire. Ten years later, as the secretary and one of founders of NPP, Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu helped elect Hon Sam Mbakwe into power as Governor of Imo State - one of the best Governors in the history of Imo State; and most of his ideas and vision shaped the landmark policies of that era in education, industrialization, socio- economic revival and road rehabilitation. He refused any political appointment when their party won and his wife, Dr. Rose U. Mezu was selected as the Commissioner of Social Welfare, the first Female Commissioner in history of Imo State. Their record was clean, honest and full of integrity. Dr. Rose Mezu, was the only government official not imprisoned or accused of any corruption in the 1983 military coup. For years, good and honest people have stayed away from politics as corruption and crime become the norm; but the result is destruction of not just our economy but an entire race. Dr. Okechukwu Mezu has watched the deterioration of his beloved Imo State and Nigeria with sadness and pain; and as his generation is retiring and enjoying the fruits of their labor, he realizes that he cannot be silent anymore. Someone has to step up to move Imo State forward and groom the young, passionate leaders of tomorrow – as he has seen in Hon Emeka Nwajiuba.

The Nwajiuba-Mezu ticket is an Obama/Biden Analogy: Youthful exuberance and Vibrant Activism merges with Proven Historical Experience, Tested Leadership, noble patriotism and a Record of authentic Integrity - qualities lacking in the new breed politics of greed, uncouth panache and mafia-like tactics that seems to be the norm in our society. Clearly Hon (Barr) Emeka Nwajiuba and Dr. S. Okechukwu Mezu stand out in this election as educated, honest men of integrity, valor and refinement that are refreshing to see, running a positive campaign based on issues. When people of this caliber summon up the courage to run based on a selfless desire to serve their state and country and restore pride and progress to their society, nobody can afford to sit back and be spectators.

Therefore Imo State Citizens, this is a call to rise and stand for Change.