By NBF News

Spouses are meant for each other at all times. They are supposed to be together and share things together. They are also supposed to sleep together because what God has joined, nothing should put asunder. Specialists have stated that couples spend nearly one-third of their lives sleeping together. Many marriage experts believe that peaceful sleeping together can keep a marriage healthy.

Why do people share a bed with a spouse if they would sleep better if they didn't? Usually the answer is because even if you don't get the best night's sleep, you find comfort and emotional intimacy in sleeping together.

However, there are times when couples wish to sleep separately from each other for some personal reasons. This week, Saturday Sun spoke to some people to know when they won't sleep with their spouses. They responded as follows.

Shelle Fatima
There is no time I cannot make love to my spouse, except when he is ill. If he is not strong enough, I would not make love to him. Apart from this, I don't see anything that would make me not to.

Shola Erebowale
If my man offends me so much that I am hurt, I may not make love to him till we sort it out. For the period I am angry with him, I will not make love to him. Then, if he is not feeling well, I might as well restrain myself from that. Another time I don't make love to him is when I am in my period.

Abigail Akunezili
I may be angry if he offends me but it does not stop me from making love to him. As my husband, if I deny him sex, I may be giving him a go-ahead to mess around. So, I will play my part as a wife so that whatever he does will not be on my head.

Bankole Akeem
Except when my woman is mensurating, I will always make love to her when I feel like. On the other hand, if I am not happy with her, I will not.

Tony Okeke
If I love my woman, I will always make love to her except when she is in her period. When you love a woman, you will always be attracted to her even when the going is not good.

Favour Peters
I don't keep away from my husband. Even when we have misunderstandings, we try to settle it immediately so as not to give the devil room to operate. If we have a reason not to meet, it will be on a mutual agreement as the Bible says.

Njideka Chigozie
I love my husband so much that I cannot deny him sex. If I deny him, I am also denying myself. Except when I am mensurating, or that either of us is ill, I don't keep away.

Nnaji Nkiru
The Bible says that husbands and wives should not deny each other except on mutual agreement. Therefore, we don't deny each other.

Ejiofor Amarachi
I make love to my spouse when we are in the mood for that. But if I am not feeling well or that he is not, we don't. If we abstain for sometime, it does not mean that we are quarrelling.

Udeozor Chisom
If I request for something and he fails to give me, I will not make love to him. Again, if I am not in the mood, I will not. If he offends me, I will not too.

James Odozor
When couples become parents, they give a lot of attention to where the baby sleeps. So, spouses don't get enough sleep with an extra person around. The ideal thing is for the dad to sleep separately while the mother sleeps with the baby for sometime. So, I don't sleep with my wife when she is nursing a baby. We would come come back after sometime.