Hon.Uche Ekwunife`s Alleged Sex Tape….. Back by popular demand

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Mr. Ikenna Ezenekwe is not a saint, but his recent travail may be a case of calling a 'dog a bad name in order to crucify it', after all his accuser, Hon. Uche Ekwunife is renowned for her treachery.

In the words of Valentine Obienyem, media aide to Governor Peter Obi, 'Indeed, the story goes, Uche Ekwunife can sleep with a gateman if that will enable her to get at the oga. Another story was told of how she once went in the company of a friend to see an important man. Immediately on getting there, and right in front of the friend, she started undressing the man. When the friend asked her why she was so brazen, she told her that she had to hurry up before her weapon (charm) expired!'

Continuing, Valentine Obienyem in his article titled, 'Uche Ekwunife Poisoned Chalice',   affirmed,

'Among close friends of the senator Anne Okonkwo, efforts are being made to free him from the evil spell of Ekwunife to enable Annie return to his senses and family. This story may sound odd but it is true. She used the same ploy against Mbadinuju and made her initial money. Today her hotel is sitting side by side with Mbadinuju at Iyiagu Estate in Awka'.

'Among the people of the state, Ekwunife is referred to as a whore. Even her former PPA boss, Arthur Eze was once publicly quoted as saying that a harlot will never rule Anambra State, in reference to Uche'.  

Finding reveals that Uche Ekwunife, a former banker turned lawmaker warmed the bed of a former governor Mbadinuju for four years, serving as his per diem mistress, 'carrier and money launderer'.

  When the governor lost his reelection, Mrs. Uche Ekwunife hurriedly deserted him and refused to return his money totaling N2bn (loot from Anambra state) which was given to her for safekeeping, saying 'politics money no get receipt'.  

According to Valentine Obienyem,'It is believed that Ekwunife uses her body to ensnare men to get what she wants. It goes beneath the surface, says an authoritative source. The truth is that her private part is charmed and any man who eats of it is finished as he will then be remote controlled by her'.

Armed with two billion naira, Uche Ekwunife who has no respect for the sanctity of marriage, resigned from her job in the bank, where she also doubled as a corporate prostitute, joined politics and used the two billion naira she stole from the former governor to bankroll herself into the House of Representatives, where she works as deputy chairman of House Committee on Public Accounts.

Our checks reveal that House Committee on Public Accounts is responsible for overseeing government expenditures to ensure they are effective and honest. But imagine a woman of easy virtue like Uche Ekwenife`s being saddled with such a responsibility, no doubt, it will be a case of business as usual.

Now Uche Ekwenife is seeking reelection to the National Assembly, but a video clip from a sex scene allegedly involving the lawmaker, may have put paid to her political career.

When the video first aired, Mrs. Uche Ekwunife enlisted the services of Ikenna Ezenekwe, publisher of ukpakareporters.com, whom she has since turned against, claiming he had attempted to extort money from her.

Besides, the online blogger who is currently incarcerated, Mrs. Ekwenife also reached out to notable Nigerians, particularly serving government officials, whom she considered close to the online media organizations that published the video, to plead her case and pull down the video.

In the words of a government official, 'she called and was weeping uncontrollably; she asked that we should plead with you guys to save her political career and remove the video from your sites as her opponents were using it against her'.

It is worthy to note that Hon.Uche Ekwunife never queried the authencity of the video clip.

In the words of Ikenna Ezenekwe, 'she said it was her face, but not her body' (talking about the video clip)

Suddenly, Uche Ekwunife, a troubled woman of easy virtue, whose past has caught up with her, has turned herself into a victim not minding whose ass is gored.

But it remains to be seen who laughs last!     
The video clip you are about to view is alleged to be that of anti-gay rights member of the house of reps, Hon. Uche Ekwenife (naked wearing her signature ear ring), being given oral sex by another woman.  

http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhnvwv_ekwunife_lifestyle http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xhnvwv_ekwunife_lifestyle