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Eva Alordiah has learnt not to stop no matter the challenges on her way to stardom. For her, setbacks are catalysts for greater things to come. Although a warm person, her outward portrayal of being strong headed and calculative tend to mislead people.

Eva hails from a musical family and has expressed her creativity by involving in different acts of entertainment while growing up. Her musical journey started in 2004, but she is not ready to quit her career for anything or anybody. Admitted, she has made mistakes, but not dwelling on them has made her a better person.

This vibrant fresh rapper on the scene told Daily Sun recently that chasing horses during sallah, counting and saving the finest mint of coins, living with the fulanis, climbing mango trees, were the finest things of life. She just can't forget the smell of fresh Fura de nunu that warms her heart anytime she remembers growing up in the North. She stated that with her multiple personalities, she would marry a man who understands and complements her. Excerpts:

Is Eva your real name or just your stage name?
I have answered this question all my life. Eva is my birth name. I couldn't think of anything else when I started music so I stuck with it.

What makes you different from other young musicians?

My style is an infusion of different genres, regardless of the fact that I'm majorly a hiphop/rap act. I come in with a blend of reggae, R and B, Afro. I am a spontaneous person and it tells in my music and sound. That separates me from a whole other acts in my niche.

How long have you been in the music industry and what have you learnt in the cause of your journey?

I have been here since 2004, watching, learning and picking up a few things here and there. But I had to go to the university, so I didn't put out any material till late 2008. The business is a one-man stake. The only person that can get you to succeed here is yourself with God guiding you all the way. It's a career like any other, where you have to beat yourself through challenges again and again. If there's anything I have learned, it is never to stop.

What do you wish to achieve in 2011?
Everything I couldn't in the past years, everything I prayed for when I started. Everything God gives me the capacity to handle.

As a young lady, what endears you to people?
I'm a warm person, though I come off as strong headed and very calculating. It's the mystery about that rare combination that pulls people to me.

What inspires your songs?
Life. My life, other people's lives. I'm also inspired by music, I listen to many different genres, most times music that's older than I am. But the ability to create beautiful music based on inspired ideas comes by the grace of God.

How do you intend to take over the music scene?
By being true to myself. There's no better gift than knowing and listening to yourself. I don't think anyone but you would know when something's gonna kick. As much as you want to be guided by people who know better than you do, I believe it is also important to be true to yourself.

How do you describe your musical style?
It's rap. Crazy, sexy, cool rap. I try as much as possible to be all woman when I deliver music.

Have you suffered any career setback since you started?

Yes, I have. A couple actually, but nothing that God couldn't pull me out of. I realize these things must happen to be able to move forward and achieve even greater things. Humans are generally blockheads to a lot of things and I have come to understand that God knows that. The only way we ever learn is when we are put under difficult situations.

How did music start for you?
Music started as a child though I sincerely believe nobody, even myself, thought I would take it this far. Till date, my Dad still doesn't get why I had to stick with it. I have been music conscious all my life but I started rapping at 13.

Does music run in your family or you are the first in your family to embrace a musical career?

Yes it does. For starters, everyone in the house is a music lover, different genres for each of us. My mum has a great voice she uses only in the bathroom. My youngest brother has been playing the drums since he was 1, now at 12 he's been getting acquainted with the keyboard and guitar. I think he's going to be great. It has been in the family and I am just towing the line.

How did your family impact your life?
Love. There's no better gift than the love your family gives and shares. That's what pulls you through as an individual. We are a small simple unit and we stick with each other through it all.

Growing up, what were the things you enjoyed as a child?

I spent the early part of my childhood in the North. Back then, chasing horses during sallah, counting and saving the finest mint of coins, living with the Fulanis, climbing mango trees, were the finest things of life. I think about it now and the smell of fresh Fura de nunu warms my heart.

Can you recall any prank you played on any member of your family as a child?

Haha! I wasn't that trouble seeking girl growing up. No, none that I can remember. I was just active and inquisitive like a normal growing child.

Do you have any album out yet?
I don't have one out right now. My debut album is due maybe end of the year, or early next year. But before that, I have a 5 track EP to be released anytime from now. It's titled 'the GIGO EP'. GIGO being the acronym for Garbage-in Garbage-out. It is a project that explores my love for the different types of music that's been infused in my life. I'm giving back to the society in my own way.

How are your singles doing?
Beautiful so far. The fans are great and the critics, well for now they seem to have a soft spot for what I do.

How challenging has your musical career been so far?

Very challenging. But like I said, it is important for that to happen. So, I take each day as it comes and hope that God grants me strength to keep doing what I love.

What major deal do you hope to land now as an artiste?

Many. It would be great to be blessed majorly for what I do and what I represent.

Who do you look up to in Nigeria?
Tuface Idibia. He's the epitome of everything, music, soul, creativity. Michael Jackson also influences me. He may be gone but he's everything a young practicing act wants to still be.

Can you quit your career for anybody or anything you consider more precious?

No. Not at all. Is there anything more precious than what drives you out of bed each day? I don't think so. I will pursue my career with every strength in me.

How would you describe yourself?
First, I look like my Mum. I'm a spontaneous person, warm, quiet, and it is difficult for people to exactly figure me out by just looking at what's on the outside. I have got multiple personalities by the way, which I don't regret at all.

What genre of music do you play and why?
Rap, because its what I have come to know how to do best. I sing though, but I couldn't save two people with my voice. I find it easier to express myself through rap, plus the hiphop culture has just been a part of my life for a long time.

What major achievements have you recorded as an artiste?

None for now that I would want to consider major. But I'm looking up for great things, much greater things than I have had to face in the past.

Do you have low moments in your career?
Yes I do, a couple of them. It is part of life to be low at times.

What was your first day on stage like?
I don't think I'd forget that. It was at Oniru beach and the people were just going crazy. I have always being on stage thoughout my life, whether it was acting, dancing and other forms of entertainment. But as a rapper, this was different. I could hear people screaming my name and for a minute I felt like a big star. I loved it.

Which is your most embarrassing moment in your career?

I don't even think anyone noticed when this was happening which makes it even more self embarrassing. I was on stage performing with a live band, I got distracted and my mind just went blank. I forgot my own lyrics. I was up on stage babbling away and nobody even knew what was going on. Thank God for the band.

How do you deal with overbearing fans?
I run away. It's the only thing to do.
Who is your style icon and why?
I don't know if I have one, but I have several people I admire though. From Lady Gaga, to Keri Hilson, and Heidi Klum.

How do you relax?
Sleep long hours, watch a movie, which I hardly ever do. I also read a book, most times a James Hardly Chase and listen to music or surf the net.

What else do you do aside music?
I'm a makeup artist and fashion designer. I have been in the makeup business for over four years now, with successful makeup artists who have trained under my supervision. That's something I'm really proud of today. I have been designing clothes since I was in college. For now, my clothing line would cater for students in the university. I'm in a total rebranding phase so I'm taking things slow.

Can you tell us what we don't know about you?
I love to drink garri. I can take garri with anything, fish, meat, suya, groundnuts, sardine, kulikuli. I have been addicted to garri since I was a child. My Mum still believes my need for glasses is as a result of so much garri.

Where are you based currently?
Have you signed with any record label yet?
Yes I have.
Are you a good stage performer?
If I said yes, wouldn't I be blowing my horns. I know I get lost in the moment and give it the very best. I have great reviews all the time and the love from the fans never ceases. We thank God for that.

What lofty dreams do you have about your career?
To be the best and get to the peak of my career.
Do you have time for love and men?
I do. Love is everything, isn't that what they say?

What kind of man would you marry?
The kind that understands and complements me. The kind that God will give me the strength and tolerance to love completely.

Have you suffered any heartbreak in the game of love?

That's a personal one, I will pass.
Do you have any regret about your life and career?
I learn to regret nothing, even the bad choices I may have made. Regret stops you from moving on and being a better person. I just don't. Instead, I beat myself about wrong decisions, accept I have messed up, and move on with the intent of doing much better.

What would you not be caught doing and wearing as a person?

I wouldn't be caught wearing pants/jeans with an inscription all the way across the buttocks area. That's just meanfully wrong.

Who really is Eva Alordiah?
I am from Delta State, a rapper and a graduate of Bowen University. I started my musical career in 2004. I have worked with artists like MI, Ill Bliss, Eldee and many others. I love rapping.