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The governorship candidate of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) in Imo State, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, says his main reason for seeking to govern Imo was to rescue the state from backwardness which it has lapsed into since 2007.

He said that he has watched the happenings in the state andconcluded that it will be criminal of him to keep quiet and be happy while majority of the populcae live in poverty.

He was interacting with reporters after a massive rally at Obowo where he said he was aware of the massive support he received from the people in 2007, which was thwarted by the enemies of the people. He said that this is the opportunity to undo all the evil that had befallen the area,and insisted that since the first civilian governor of the state, Chief Sam Mbakwe, left the scene, no Okigwe son has measured up to the standard he left behind.

'I intend not only to meet it, but also surpass it because I am a disciple of our icon, Chief Sam Mbakwe.'

He explained that there had been massive turn-around in terms of infrastructural development, capacity building and empowerment of the people in all the areas where ACN is governing. 'The ACN manifesto has free education at the primary and secondary school levels. This has been implemented in all the states where the governors are from the ACN. We are going to do the same here so that our children can go to school.'

He maintained that good roads, pipe borne water, and other good things of life are being taken for granted in all the ACN controlled states and that Imo will not be different from May 29, when he is sworn in as governor through the support of the people.

Araraume, a two-time senator from Okigwe zone, said he understands the terrain and that as a son, he is determined to replicate the wonderful example his predecessor, Chief Mbakwe bequeathed to the people.

He called for massive vote for his party and that voters must ensure that they remain at their polling booths to see that their votes are counted before leaving for home because this time around, every vote must count.