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National Vice Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Olisa Metuh has described as wicked and a high point of smear campaign, that he and his aides allegedly invaded a private school (British Nigerian School), and assaulted the teachers.

In a statement issued in Abuja, the Special Assistant to the National Vice Chairman of the PDP, Mr. Emeka Onyia explained that Chief Olisa as a registered Trustee of the school in question since inception could not have embarked on such a venture that tend to cast undeserved aspersion on the person of Chief Olisa Metuh and his family.

The statement explained that he had cause to withdraw his children from one of the best schools in Abuja and transferred them to the British Nigerian Academy in the past, only to withdraw them from the same school in December 2010, but purely on personal reasons.

British Nigerian, in view of the very damaging nature of the lies contained in the reports, we are constrained to issue this rejoinder in order to put the records straight and to dispel the allegations.

According to Mr. Onyia; 'It should be noted that Chief Metuh's children were model students whilst they were at the school. In fact, his son was a class prefect whilst his daughter was the school's prayer prefect. There are several eloquent testimonials from the School to confirm their excellence in behaviour and academics.'

Onyia further explained that on February 19, Chief Metuh's son who was on his way back from his new School for mid-term break realised that it was also his former school's (British Nigerian Academy) visiting day thus decided to visit his cousins and friends in the school. He further explained that in spite of the fact that Chief Metuh's son was in his new school's uniform, it still attracted the wrath of the British Nigerian School's staff who descended on the hapless child, seized his phone and started mocking him and his new school.

Onyia continued; 'All entreaties by Chief Metuh's wife to the school's staffers to release the phone since the son was no longer a student of the school fell on deaf ears. In fact, the insults were then extended to Chief Metuh's wife. It was at this point that Chief Metuh's attention was drawn to the matter.

'Chief Metuh's immediate reaction was to call the proprietress of the school to lodge a complaint and to seek her intervention in the matter. Unfortunately, after about 30 minutes, the situation remained the same, Chief Metuh then decided to visit the school in the company of one of his aides.'

The Special Assistant also said that upon arrival at the school, Chief Metuh approached the staffers of the School by gently requesting for the release of his son's phone but the Vice Principal claimed that the phone was with the proprietress. He further explained that it was at that point that Chief Metuh pointed out to the staffers that since his son was no longer a student of the school, they had no right to seize his telephone or that of any visitor who was legally within the premises on a Visiting Day.

'Chief Metuh argued that the best the School could do was to return the phone and ask his son to leave the school premises if he was not wanted there as a former student. Unfortunately the staffers of the school remained adamant even in the face of superior logic. 'It was clear that the staffers' posture was informed by the bitterness the school felt following the withdrawal of Chief Metuh's children from the school. The matter was eventually resolved and the phone was returned.

'At no point was anybody assaulted physically. It is only in the imagination of the sponsors of the attacks that someone was assaulted. Chief Metuh is a Lawyer of more than 20 years post-call-to-bar experience. He is a law abiding citizen who has utmost respect for the law and law enforcement agencies,' Onyia enthused.

The Special Assistant to the PDP National Vice Chairman further debunked allegation that he turned down police invitation on the matter, saying, at no time was he invited by the Police. He added that at anytime the Police invites him, he would be too willing to honour such invitation. In the words of Onyia: 'It is instructive to note that this matter was never in the press domain until certain political events happened. It is clear that this matter has taken a political dimension.'