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I have neither silver nor gold to offer you on your 50th birthday, but I must join your well-wishers to congratulate you. I prepared this piece as my golden gift on your well-deserved birthday. At 50, you have attained the height of a golden leader.

At this moment of your life, you have written your name in gold. You brought smiles on the faces of Nigerians. Your achievements within the short period you served as the Senate president are numerous to mention. The Okigwe-Afikpo road that was put in order through your effort had saved the people of the South- East from road accidents and armed rubbery attack. Hitherto, the road used to be a nightmare to the users.

Today, those plying the route no longer spend hours before getting to their destinations. By my findings, your are the only leader in the South-East to have embarked on such capital project that was handled by a worthy construction company (Julius Berger).

Your investment on human development is also worthy of mention. Your kind gestures to the poor have not only changed the lives of the youths in Nigeria but have also made the beneficiaries to realize their potentials. What else is expected of a leader than to empower the youths? Cicero once said: 'what can I offer the nation than to teach and instruct the youth? By empowering the youth, you have put food on the table of the masses. In the words of Franklin Benjamin, if a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it from him. Your investment on education to the poor masses will never be a waste.

Your political integrity is not questionable. You came into political limelight when you rose to become the Senate Pesident. You led a people-oriented parliament especially the senate chamber. During your days as the Senate President, you restored the prestige of the senate and brought value into it. The legacy you left in the Senate was strengthened by your successor. The much expected social amenities were provided to the people of Nigeria through constituency allocation. In fact, senators were made to be answerable to their constituencies. Throughout your tenure as president of the senate, lawmakers enjoyed good political atmosphere with the executive arm of the government. When the names of resourceful senators will be mentioned, you will not be left out.

As a principled politician, you maintained your stand that you will not go back to the senate for a second term. You preached for a single term in office and you led by example. It is uncommon for a politician to stand by his words. But you did. With such democratic spirit and attitude you have displayed, you have prepared yourself for a better political opportunity in future. Raph Waldo Emerson said: 'the world makes a way for a man who knows where he is going'.

I am not surprised that many are rooting for your candidature as the new PDP chairman. Oh yes: PDP needs an expert like you to mend its battered umbrella. Sir, your political enemies (if you have any) cannot deny you this golden opportunity on your golden birthday. Your political behaviour is in accordance with Plato's famous assertion that a leader ought to be a philosopher (not by propounding political theories) but should have a clear sighted vision of the true end of society, guide his policies with that in view.

In doing this, you have provided ideas to your political admirers all over Nigeria. You have also left an indelible mark in sustenance of our nascent democracy. We are waiting for the day you will emerge as PDP chairman. That day, the world will know that peace has come to reign in the party and Nigeria in general. T hat is my birthday wish for you sir. Many happy returns.