Bode George Movement (BGM) and PDP Perception of Corruption

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The PDP government has now seen a 'Role Model' in an ex-convict, Bode George. This is outrageous. A man was jailed from a case that was initiated by EFCC, a government anti-corruption agency and only to be treated like hero by the same government. A group that called itself Bode George Movement (BGM) had taken up full page advertisement in some dailies eulogizing the new virtue of Bode George as symbolized by the heroic welcome granted him by government and members of the ruling PDP. The BGM insinuated that Bode George is their hero and role model. It went on to query that what Bode was jailed for was nothing compared with what most today Nigeria politicians do on daily basis. It referred to some that (even) spend US Dollars as against our legal tender (the Naira); they must have referred to President Jonathan's doling out of $50,000 as 'transport money' to Pastor Tunde Bakare's group and also that case of a serving governor that $3.4million cash was being ferried on behalf before it was intercepted at the Ikeja airport. The Bode George Movement (BGM) queried to know what happened to those that perpetrated those and other similar crimes.  

  The group even predicted that Bode is the future President Nigeria required because it takes a thief to ensure that thieves are checked; Bode they said is now refined, having met God in the prison. It was not surprising that President Obasanjo graced the Thanksgiving service organized for Bode George by a Church in Lagos. Churches are now known for filthy lucre, anyway; recently, Prince Oyinlola (former Osun governor) was at a church for similar thanksgiving after having fraudulently occupied the governorship position for years. Which God are those churches respecting?  

  In an organized and respectable country, all those who committed crimes such as those by Bode George, the President Jonathan, the governor linked with the $3.4million and Prince Oyinlola would have tendered their resignations. Just see what is happening to a sitting Italian Prime Minister who is facing court action; in Nigeria, you would be told that he is covered by Immunity (Impunity). Bode George is still keeping OFR honour bestowed on him by Obasanjo regime. Soon Cecilia Ibru would soon come out of prison and there would be thanksgiving service for her? Fantastic Role Models; I cry for my nation and pity the church.  

  Biodun Bashiru Lati  (