Kehinde Olaosebikan: A Political Journeyman


Comrade Ibrahim Bolomope has described Kehinde Olaosebikan, the caretaker chairman of Oluyole local government as a political journeyman who will pitch his tenet wherever amala is certain for him. This statement is coming on the heels of press statement credited to Olaosebikan that Honourable Adeolu Adeleke and Comrade Ibrahim Bolomope are deceitfully recruiting people for Senator Rashidi Ladoja.

Comrade Bolomope said that the antecedent of Kehinde Olaosebikan is that of a person that is not consistent, credible and reliable. Kehinde served Alhaji Lam Adesina and deceived him to consider workers as not important: leading to the retrenchment of 1,400 workers under that government.

Kehinde's inconsistence led him to join the government of Senator Ladoja after discrediting his former boss. He later joined the Akala illegal government of 11 months. Shamelessly, he returned to Senator Ladoja to contest for the chairmanship seat which he won and Akala cancelled it and it is still in court.

Kehinde Olaosebikan should not be seen as a serious person. The good people of Oyo state can differentiate between the governments of Senator Ladoja and that of Otunba Akala.

Under Senator Ladoja public servants, traders, students and industrialists enjoyed peace, progress and prosperity. Debts inherited were paid within one year amounting to about 5 billion naira. Schools were in good shape: 30 per class, teachers had the best of time and there were no strikes.

Students had good results in their final examinations. School fees in LAUTECH, Polytechnic, Ibadan and other tertiary institutions were affordable. The health sector was also in good shape. Industries were set up such as the Mihandra (tractors), fruit juice in Ogbomosho, Clay Company in Erunmu, asphalt along Ijaiye-Iseyin road and Pipe Company in Eleyele.

These were legacies left by Senator Rashidi Ladoja and were destroyed by Kehinde Olaosebikan master, Otunba Akala who sent him to abuse Senator Ladoja. The likes of Kehinde Olaosebikan should be seen as a political journeyman whose next destination is still in the dark. Comrade Bolomope commended the people of Oyo state for their support for ACCORD and he urged them to vote for all the candidates the party has presented for the April, 2011 general elections.