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Dear Sir,
I was thoroughly amused reading all the stuff talk by the EFCC Chairman, retired AIG Farida Waziri, with the newsmen in Abuja on Monday June 8, 2009 as published in many Nigerian newspapers of June 9, 2009. She talked of her readiness “to die fighting corruption” in Nigeria . Good talk.

I do not blame her. I have to blame the reporters who were there and could not ask her some relevant and salient questions that had dogged her regime so far, some of which she prompted.

If I may ask her in retrospect, on behalf of the reporters that covered the event: Why have you not been able to come up with the name of the first-term governor you claimed that within few months in office acquired property in Abuja worth over one billion naira? What is your agency's relationship with NDLEA and why didn't you report those serving governors you say use drugs and to which a colleague of yours added that of the governors also push drugs? What have you to say about the over one billion naira which US embassy reported to you, found in the bank statement of a south-south governor's brother who had approached the embassy for Visa? Have you been following your so-called Bill to the National Assembly on the Immunity clause; and if so, what can you say is the position? Can you cease this opportunity and comment on the SUV jeep gift to you by a south-south governor? What is your answer to the comment recently in Daily Trust newspaper, of retired Justice Belgore that EFCC and ICPC are more interested in publicity?

It is still not late for her to answer the above questions because I am sure the media would like to have her answers published.

Fatima Jibril
Plot 299 Ibrahim Taiwo Street
Asokoro, Abuja

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