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Let's do something unusual today. Let us dedicate the column strictly to our brothers (and possibly sisters) from across the River Niger, our brethren called Ndigbo.

The apex Igbo socio-cultural group, Ohanaeze Ndigbo has endorsed a candidate for the presidential election in April. Governors of the five South-east states, irrespective of party affiliation, have also followed suit. But what does the average Igbo person feel? I have their opinions, in many hundreds sent in over many weeks, but let's take as many as space can permit today.

When did South-east and South-south become one?
Thank you for your piece on the Ohanaeze issue. I find it difficult to think that any Igbo body can think and act so cowardly. I don't know when South-south was merged with South-east to produce one president. They are just shying away from the reality of the PDP zoning arrangement. If they succeed, that will be the end of real Igbo presidency, at least for now.

Okenze Romanus Amakor, 08034088660
How to clean up the mess
If there is no zoning now, why do Igbos think there will be one in 2015? Why should the president not hand over to his vice in that year? Is that not the rationale for the post of vice president? The only solution to this problem is for Nigerians to dump the PDP and elect Buhari to clean the mess in the system.

Chidi, 08037468194
Wake up call
You have always been concise and blunt. It is a wake up call for us Igbos. Keep it up.

Jude, 08062082047
Your piece on Ohanaeze is thought-provoking, but Nigerians mostly need good governance that will bring about growth and development, not tribe.

Daniel Chukwuezugo, 07059823148
They may never smell the seat
The way you analysed the Igbo situation is simply exceptional. Unless Igbos change the way they reason, they may never smell that seat.

Aronye Ugochukwu, 07030729809
Mind of the Igbo man
You have spoken the mind of the real Igbo man. Forget about those who want to sell the Igbos to their South-south brothers. Be assured that the real Igbo man is in support of Northern presidency till 2015, when power shall come down South-east.

Barrister Peter Odili, Abakaliki
Fraught with danger
True, the Igbo nation has been short-changed, but the strategy adopted by Ohanaeze is fraught with the danger of failure. I salute your courage in telling Ndigbo the hard, analytical truth.

M. Orkwar, Abuja, 08022278444
They missed it
I agree with you 100%. I am Igbo, but I believe Raph Uwechue and his Ohanaeze exco missed the point.

Columbus, Abakaliki, 08057938476
Igbo picking the crumbs
The present Igbo leadership in both PDP and Ohanaeze are of the same stock. While the Yoruba and Hausa are repositioning the ACN and CPC for the political battle of the next decade, Igbos are leaving APGA and PPA to pick the crumbs of the sinking PDP. It's unfortunate that it now takes a Yoruba man to alert us. 08033624433

Losing contact with reality
The Ohanaeze and South-east governors appear to be losing contact with present day reality. I'm sure they will see you as a paid journalist for telling them the bitter truth.

Peter Eneh, Abuja, 08060522455
Igbo in cul-de-sac
Your article spoke the minds of millions of Igbos. You analysed the issues so well that nobody is left in doubt that Ohanaeze has led the Igbo into a cul-de-sac.

Buchi Egenti, 08037085350
Jonathan should not rejoice in self-delusion based on declaration of total support by a microcosm of Ohanaeze – the Imeobi, the chairman, and the secretary - as well as the five governors. It does not reflect the true position of Ndigbo. The five governors have just five votes.

Ezema Simeon Atta, Onitsha, 08097403844
You touched it
You touched where the shoe pinches in your write-up on Ohanaeze. May your days be long.

Brother Ugo, Umuahia, 08035492326
You are biased
You've exposed your bias about the Igbo nation. Greg Mbadiwe and Chuks Iloegbunam answered you well. Leave us alone.

Angus Okehie, 08055571513
Simplistic grounds
You were right about the scandalously simplistic grounds upon which Ohanaeze based its support for Jonathan

G. Obi, Lagos, 07055336815
Good work
I just want to hail you for the way you've been plainly and prophetically analysing Nigerian politics, especially as regards the political future of the Igbos. Keep up the good work, no matter what.

Elochukwu, 07056086940
They got it wrong
I'm a true Igbo and must not shy away when our leaders get it wrong. Rather than waste time on 2011, 2015 and 2019, they should go back to the drawing board and plan for 2023. Nature has played its trick on us, we better stop crying over spilt milk.

Hon. Ken Ndukwu, 08033458271
Gone are the days
I don't know your definition of justice, equity and fairness. Gone are the days we catch cold on hearing about the North. Let's forget the North for now.

Anyanwu Ikechuwu, Lagos, 08037014791
Zoning and our Constitution
Zoning to me is ok, but the problem is that it is not rooted in our Constitution. If Nigeria wants to practice rotational presidency, let the Constitution be amended first to compel every party to field their flag bearer from the same zone.

Nze Oguejiofor, 08035052844
No good
Jonathan's presidency will do Igbos no good, instead, it will worsen their problem. We need a northerner as president, and in 2015, we will stand our ground that they support us.

Jide-Ofor, Lagos, 08033959145
The best
You said it all. Buhari appears to be the best to the best of my knowledge.

Comrade Tochukwu Igwe, 08039362345
Arewa arrogance
We've had enough of Arewa arrogance. Zoning or no zoning, I'm for Jonathan.

Nnamdi, Owerri, 08037242308
You goofed
Why would you suggest that we go back to zoning, when we're complaining of federal character that has made our nation stagnant for the past 50 years? Chima Idika, 08033003344

The president we need
Let anybody who wants to be our president be the type that will have the progress of the country in mind, not minding where be comes from. I'm neither pro-zoning nor pro-Jonathan.

Oscar Chimezie, 08063739211
The change we desire
Let us vote for Buhari's CPC en masse in April. PDP's government has ruled us for the past 12 years and there is nothing to show for it. Rather Vincent Ogbulafor towards the twilight of his chairmanship told us that they will rule for 60 years. A vote for PDP is a vote against the desired change you and I crave for.

Ugo Onwuaso, 08033480110
You write without bitterness
Femi, you have a golden heart and write without bitterness. Because of that the B.B. ticket will still get my one vote. As for those threatening you, my prayer for you is Psalm 118 v 16. We will continue to pray for divine direction at our Kulikulii Friday Fellowship for this change that is coming to these shores.

Ekene Obeleagu, [email protected]
Lagos, 0803710810
The BB combination
The combination of Buhari and Bakare, that is, the BB machine, is something that has put religion and other mundane considerations to the back seat. These are men that have awesome integrity in a seeming smelly political environment. Nigerians have longed for change from politics of darkness, backwardness and unreason to that of positive light and progress.

I wish the campaigners who have the interest of Nigeria at heart great success, it takes only the finger of God to turn things around for good. It shall be well again with Nigeria.

Xavier Ikeche, 08033001891
I'm Igbo, but love Buhari
I am happy you support the BB ticket. I am Igbo from South East, Ebonyi State. But I love Buhari. I joined ANPP because of him. And now that he is in CPC, I am ready to join him to make this much needed change possible. The problem is that CPC has little or no presence in South East and our many villages and towns. I believe all men of goodwill among us should stand up and embrace this urgent task of taking CPC to our villages, local government areas and states.

Barr. Amos Ogbonnaya
Keep the crusade alive
May God keep you alive to keep the tempo of this crusade. The time for the change we've all craved for is now! And Nigerians must get ready and vigilant to checkmate the desperation of those who have held us down since 1999. No matter how hard it is, we must overcome this time round.

Ndubuisi Commander Ezu, [email protected]
Buhari can't change
Buhari has again proved that he is a religious fundamentalist. Why did he prefer a pastor to a politician as running mate? Must religion color all his views and the choices he makes? I fear two religious fundamentalists ruling this country.

Ikenna G. Ikenna, 08063620983
We've prayed enough
I guess it's time we allow men who have the fear of God to rule this country, be they Muslims or Christians. What we have had so far are men who neither fear God nor their fellow men. Such men have treated God with disdain while holding us to ransom. They should not be allowed to rule this country again! Please vote Buhari/Tunde today for purposeful and God inspired leadership. We have prayed enough, this is time for action! Victor Emenogu, Lagos