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• Bakare
Former Head of State, and presidential candidate of Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Major-General Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has been described as a true patriot and detribalized Nigerian over his decision to pick Pastor Tunde Bakare as his running mate.

A public affairs analyst and Katsina State-born businessman, Alhaji Sanni Abubakar, hailed Buhari's decision as a right step in the right direction: 'With this decision, Buhari has proved his critics wrong.

He has scored a major victory over his political adversaries most of whom have been very unfair and uncharitable to him in their comments on him in the past and even now. With his choice of Bakare who is not only a Christian but also as a pastor as running mate, Buhari has proved that he is not a religious fanatic as some have unfairly described him. Buhari has shown that he is a detribalised Nigerian, and also not an Islamic fundamentalist as some have been portraying him.

'If the election is free and fair, I don't see any other candidate defeating Buhari. He is a man of the people. He is the man who possess the qualities required at this point of our nation's history to take Nigeria out of the woods. He is not corrupt. He is also a disciplinarian who led by example when he was Nigeria's Head of State. As we all know, corruption is one of the major problems facing Nigeria today and the only person who can tackle this vice successfully is Buhari. He did it before. When he was Head of State, under his leadership, Nigeria was highly respected and given the honour she deserved. This is the man I believe can restore Nigeria's lost glory.

'If we look at Bakare's antecedents, he is a cleric with a difference. He has always been on the side of the masses. He has been using his position on the pulpit to preach against bad leadership and ineptitude in governance. He has refused to compromise his principles. He has also on several occasions led protest against injustice and oppression in Nigeria. Our nation will become a truly blessed one if Buhari and Bakare were voted into office.

'I am businessman. I don't play politics. I'm not a politician. Although, we are from the same state, but I don't have any relationship with Buhari, my only reason for supporting him is because I believe that Nigeria need a strong character like Buhari as our president. I always have a nostalgic feeling of how Nigeria was on the path to greatness when Buhari was in power. It was after he was overthrown that things started getting worse in Nigeria. If we want to bring Nigeria out of decay, we should vote Buhari into office.

'I challenge anybody to come out with any proof that I have received any assistance from Buhari. I only believe in this man with a passion. Although I'm not a money bag, but I'm prepared to follow Buhari to any part of this country to campaign for him. I'm ready to volunteer my time, energy and everything to support this man. He had all the opportunities in this world to loot our treasury when he was Head of State, but he didn't steal. Up till today nobody has come out with any proof that he stole Nigeria's money. We need men of honour like him in our body polity.

'I want to make a passionate appeal to Professor Attahiru Jega, he should know that the whole world is watching him. He should ensure that the forthcoming general election is free and fair. INEC should not be biased. Voters votes must count. INEC should strive to be an unbiased umpire, it should provide a level playing ground for all candidates. INEC should allow the will of Nigerians to prevail.

'Candidates should engage in campaign devoid of slander. They should be involved in issues-based campaign. They should tell Nigerians about their manifesto, their plans and programmes of action if elected into office. They should not malign their opponents. They should not engage in verbal assault and destruction of their opponents.

'President Goodluck Jonathan must find an urgent solution to these killings and wanton destruction of property in some parts of the country especially, Jos and Borno. The Boko Haram crisis must be tackled, while peace must also be restored in Jos and other restive parts of the country. Nigerians need to live together in peace and harmony.'