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Samson Siasia
Former captain and handler of the national team, Coach Christian Chukwu, has given a pass mark to the new Super Eagles under Coach Samson Siasia.

According to the former manager of Kenya's Harambee Stars, Siasia and his boys started on a good note and should be appreciated by Nigerians. He said the squad was a young one, with most of its members coming together for the very first time for the international friendly against Sierra Leone on Wednesday.

He added that for the team to record victory in that match like a team that has been on ground, was something to cheer about.

'The Chairman', however, added that a lot of work would still be done to knock the team properly into shape.

He appreciated the introduction of new players into the team, even as he pleaded with Nigerians to exercise patience for a while to enable Siasia and his technical crew build a team we all would be proud of.

'As for me, Siasia and his new Eagles started on a good note. They did not disappoint at all in their friendly game with the Leone Stars of Sierra Leone on Wednesday. It was a great feat that the young team could record victory against a team that has been on ground for many years.

'I gave Siasia and his team a pass mark because it is not always easy to gather a team together and see it recording victory on its first outing. Let us not forget that many of the players only met for the first time just for that match.

'That notwithstanding, I want to state that despite the victory Eagles recorded against the Leone Stars, a lot of work is still to be done to enable the team gel. It's obvious that what we saw on Wednesday was more of individual brilliance on the part of the players and not teamwork. And of course, no right thinking individual ought to have expected the team to play as a team because that was the very first time the players came together under Siasia.

Don't forget that some of the boys arrived in the camp just a night to the friendly.'

On Lagos fans booing the Super Eagles after the Leone Stars scored their only goal of the match, Chukwu said it was unfortunate. According to him, Lagos fans should learn to support Eagles. He said that what happened on Wednesday was unacceptable and such behaviour was why the Nigeria Football Federation had denied Lagos fans some important matches involving the Super Eagles in the past.

'The behaviour of Lagos fans on Wednesday after the Leone Stars scored their only goal was to say the least, most unfortunate. In fact, they had no reason to behave the way they did. What if Eagles were beaten, what would have been their reaction?' he asked. 'I believe this was the reason Lagos fans were denied some important national team games in the recent past.

'However, I think we should continue to educate Lagos football supporters on the best way to support our national teams. It all requires a change of attitude on their part,' Chukwu concluded.