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Bimbo Akintola
Bimbo Akintola
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If you have seen Bimbo Akintola in “Widows,” “The Mourning After” or Out of Bounds then you will need no further pointer to the limitless bound of Bimbo's talent. In this chat she was as blunt and bare as some of her roles in the movie industry.

I spoke with Charles Novia recently and he said you are one of the very best around. Do you actually agree with that summation?
I won't rate myself based on any group summation. But, if you ask me, I'll tell you I believe in myself, what I do and in whom I am.

How come you're now scarce in movies, unlike before when you used to be very frequent?
Well, I've gotten to a stage that I believe that just working for working sake is not the best for me, so I've decided to change my mode of work. I'm now more into producing than acting; I do more of movie production now.

I learnt you produced a Yoruba movie recently.
Yes, it would be out next month.

Why a Yoruba movie?
Why not Yoruba? It's a medium, it's a language, why not Yoruba?

Tell me more about it.
You'll find out, it's going to be out very soon. We shall be organizing a press conference before it comes out and I'm going to send you an invitation as soon as we're set.

What's the title of the movie?
You'll know when the time comes.

Let's talk more about the movie industry. Based on the numerous flops that are happening presently in the industry, who do you think is to be blamed?
It's not a matter of blame. I don't think casting blames to anybody will solve the problem. I think there's a reason for every loss. The marketers are trying to put their house in order and I think actors and actresses should also strive to put their in order. That is the way we can get better and move forward. There's no need to apportion blames.

What do you mean by actors putting their selves in order?
I mean looking at yourself, your performances, assessing yourself for a better repositioning and seeing where you want to go from there.

Aside “Widow”, what is the other challenging movie you've done?
What gives you the impression that “Widow” is the only challenging movie I've done, just because I scraped my hair in the movie? To me, every film I've done has been challenging, all my jobs are really challenging.

I mean when people keep referring and talking about a particular movie long after release.
Yes, some films enjoy that because of their title. When a film has a captivating and touching title, it tends to keep lingering in people's minds. And I guess 'Widow' is one of those films.

So you believe you've done something close to “Widow”?
I've done a lot of gender based jobs that touches the lives of people. I've done entertaining and educative films that are masterpieces afterwards. And I believe a film is really worth it when it is educative and entertaining.

What else do you want to achieve in this profession?
I want to achieve what I'm presently achieving. For me, acting is a not just a job, it goes beyond that. I believe it is also about touching people's lives positively and that's one of the reasons why I've ventured into producing; because it's a great avenue to affect lives.

So, that's the reason why you're into producing?
Yes, I want to touch more lives.

Has acting been worth your while?
Yes, it's what I've always wanted to do and I'm fulfilled because I'm doing what I love to do.

Has it been adequate in picking your bills?

Aside acting what else do you do?
I anchor shows, I do voice recordings and I produce.

Permit me to use this word. You seem to be a very controversial actress. Why is a sweet girl like you dogged by controversy?
I don't know what you guys mean by that, you've always said that. Can you break what you really mean down. What controversy?

Okay, there was an occasion sometime ago when you were alleged, in a soft sell magazine, of dating a younger person, being easy to get and other stuffs like that, I hope you understand, I'm trying to be nice.
Oh really? Did they put that in the paper despite the fact that they have no proof of such nonsense. I don't read soft-sell that always focus on trying to bring other people who are striving hard to do something good with their lives down, in order to sell their papers. Your industry and my industry are supposed to work hand in hand instead of the various stuffs some people write. We're supposed to work hand in hand and not putting each other down.

You see, you guys just have to be careful now because this is a new me. If you see me do something bad, you can write it, but if you have no proof, you had better be careful. Because this is a new me and the new me will make you pay for it. I'm going to get down with anybody that tries that with me.

What do you mean this is a new you, where has the old you departed to?
The old me was easy, I don't care what they say and who they say it to, but the new me will make you pay for it.

Another thing they said about you was that Bimbo smokes cigarettes. As a person, when you get to read most of these things, do they get to you?
No, they don't.

Because, I don't care when people sit down together and lie concerning me. If you write something true about me, then I might be bothered, but when you sit down to lie about others, it means you are insignificant. I know it's not true I don't internalize them.

But when the issue of dating a younger lover came out you never refuted it.
Is that not the story on Dimeji? Do you know that he used to work for Genevieve Magazine? He came to interview me and requested to be photographed with me and the next thing was that I saw it in the papers and I was supposedly dating him.

Have you ever dated a younger person?
Unfortunately, I have not. But I wouldn't mind. There is nothing wrong in dating a younger person as long as both of you are compatible and it is not like 20 years gap. A lot of women are now dating younger people.

Is that why you are not married?
I'm looking for somebody that would be my lover, brother, companion and somebody who understands that for you to hold something dear you have to let it be free.

You are a lady any man would kill for; I mean I can sell my car to have you.
No, don't sell you car oh, I'll just collect the money. I'm only joking oh! (Laughs)

Why is it taking the man forever to come?
It is not the coming of men, it's my choice. They are coming; it's just that I've not seen my own kind of person. If I find my kind of man, I'll marry. It's easy to say but not easy to find.

Have you been jilted before?
No, I've not been jilted before. I believe relationship is a wonderful institution created by God for enjoyment, so it's worth taking your time. Also, contrary to our opinions, not all relationships must end up in marriage. It's a natural part of life to learn from a relationship. That's why we have different levels of relationships. If you don't taste the bad, how would you know the good? So, if you get your fingers burnt learn to move on.

Are you in love now?
I was, but now I'm not in any relationship.