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Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Governorship Candidate for Kwara State, Mohammed Dele Belgore (SAN), on Monday urged the youths in the state to join the drive for positive change, people-oriented and inspiring leadership, he pledged to offer if elected in April.

He made the call a week after he launched the Mohammed Dele Belgore (MDB) Volunteers' Group, comprising mainly youths, drawn from across the state, including students from all the tertiary institutions in the state.

In a statement clearly targeted at youths on the campuses across the state, Belgore said youths worldwide were leading the drive for peaceful, yet revolutionary change and a clean break from retrogressive past, which he insisted bred unemployment and dwarfed the hope of a better future for the youth.

'The forces of progressive change are speaking up the world over as recent events outside this country have shown. Today, our people are united behind us in this unprecedented clamour for a change in Kwara. Yes, it promises to be one great political contest and one that Nigerians are most interested.' he said on Sunday.

'Our people have continued to groan under poor and selfish leadership. They are crying out for a saviour that will take them to the Promised Land. We feel the pain of our people. We know that failure to act now threatens this generation and generations yet unborn. This is why we have come to offer focused, kind-hearted, and committed leadership to our people.

'I represent all of you the youths and, indeed, the multitude of Kwarans, who desire a clean break away from decades of socio-economic and political servitude and repression.' 'I am deeply committed to the upliftment of the people, providing support for the helpless and needy and unlocking the vast human and natural resources potentials that exist in our beloved State. Not only do I have a compelling sense of duty and burning desire to lead, I believe that I have the necessary leadership qualities that will bring about those positive changes that the good people of Kwara State deserve and crave for.

'Good leadership and positive change in one part of the country sets the pace and creates impact in other parts of the country.'