Ekiti Group berates Justice Salami over attack on CJN

Source: pointblanknews.com
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The Ekiti Justice Group (EJG) has berated the Appeal Court President, Justice Isa Ayo Salami for choosing to attack the Chief Justice of Nigeria (CJN), Justice Aloysius Iyorger Katsina-Alu over alleged move to elevate him to the Supreme Court.

Reacting to the letter written to the CJN by Justice Salami on the alleged elevation plan, EJG, in a statement signed by its National Coordinator, Dr. Tunji Oluwasanmi said; “Only a man that has something to hide would be afraid of being promoted.”

The group warned Justice Salami of the consequences of his actions; saying; “It is obvious that the Appeal Court president has decided to pull the judiciary into the mud even if he must go down.”

“Justice Salami himself admitted that he does not trust all the justices of the Appeal Court. He also admitted that there had been conflicting judgments from the Appeal Court.

“He said he only assigned election cases to those he can trust among the justices and the ones he can trust were only nine out of over 60 justices. How then can Justice Salami continue to lead people who are not trustworthy?

“Besides, is there any law that says Appeal Court President cannot be promoted to the Supreme Court when Chief Judges of High Courts are promoted to the Appeal Court?

“Obviously, Salami and those sponsoring his media attacks on the CJN and the National Judicial Council (NJC) has something to hide and this is the time we, the masses of this country would know whether to still continue to respect the judiciary or not,” the group said.

While also urging the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to join in the battle to save the judiciary from self destruction; the group said; “We are aware that the NBA is divided on this matter and this is dangerous for the polity.

“Beneficiaries of Justice Salami-led Appeal Court conflicting judgments in the bar and political class are already jittery of their benefactor's exit from the Appellate Court and their fear is understandable. 2011 general elections is around the corner and they would need almighty Justice Salami to facilitate judicial victories for them again!

“It is even being said in Ekiti now that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Presidential candidate, Malam Nuhu Ribadu will become Nigeria's next president whether he wins at the poll or not!

“The ACN people are bragging, the way they bragged after the 2009 rerun governorship election that with Salami at the Court of Appeal, the presidency is theirs!

“Therefore, it is understandable that these people would want to keep their man at the Appeal Court even if it means destroying the judiciary.

“But we wish to appeal to the CJN and members of the NJC not to be deterred by the media war being waged on them by Salami and hisbeneficiaries. Rather, they should do that which must be done to save our judiciary.”