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It's said that being a mother is hard, but being a good mother could be tedious, especially when the husband is not always around. This is not because husband and wife are at loggerheads with each other, but because the exigencies of their jobs defined it that they would stay apart, though happily married.

This is exactly the case with Nigeria's former Falcons' goal merchant, 'Marvellous' Mercy Akide, a mother of two to a journalist husband, Collin Udoh of Kick-Off Nigeria.

Looking prettier after quitting the round leather game, the gangling former striker, who was nicknamed 'Yekini of Super Falcons', in a recent chat with Sunday Sunsports, confessed that it's indeed difficult staying out there in America with the kids, while her husband remains in Nigeria due to his job.

Given the challenges she faces on daily bases with the kids, the question that is often on the lips of many is how could Akide be managing with her job abroad and as well taking care of her kids without the company of her husband and still remain contented?

But the woman said: 'It's true that the exigencies of our jobs have kept us apart from each other for the time being, but the love we share for each other and the beauty of our kids always strengthen us.

'No doubt, it's difficult being out there in the United States of America without my husband being there with us most of the time, but God gave me a wonderful husband that is very understanding. He respects the fact that I'm a career woman and he encourages what I'm doing – coaching young kids.

'The slightest chance of a visit by either of us to Nigeria or America is taken because we need each other and the kids just love it. Added to that, our daughter, at three, is already used to phones and she communicates with her dad easily. There are things she does that make me wonder at the wonderful work of God.'

Asked if she would not have loved to remain in active football as a player instead of getting married the time she did, Akide stated that at the time she got married, she was still enjoying herself on the field of play. 'Marriage has been fantastic and I must say that I'm enjoying myself. At the time I got married, I was still playing actively, but when you get married in the African context, you're expected to start having children, else many questions would be asked.

'Having had two kids now, I must tell you that motherhood has been very rewarding. At the early stage of catering for the kids, it's always difficult, but as they grow up, one begins to see joy and excitement through them. Motherhood is so interesting that I cannot trade it for anything else. 'At times, when I listen to my daughter talk, I wonder what my mum would have done to me during my childhood. But these days, you take into consideration the society and the technology at the disposal of the kids and you marvel at their development.

'I feel great with the kids and I know that greater joy is ahead of us as parents when they grow up.'

On the forthcoming FIFA Women's World Cup in Germany, Akide pointed out that the Falcons would make an impact if only the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) would camp them early enough and ensure that they play quality friendly matches before going for the championship.

'I believe that the coaching crew of Uche Eucharia and Ann Agumanu Chiejine has a good programme. They have my numbers and if they need any assistance from me in their build up for the World Cup, I would be willing to be there for them. But it would be rude of me to want to offer myself when nobody has asked for my assistance.

'The World Cup would be very exciting; I only hope that Falcons would get the desired support to prosecute the showpiece,' she stated.