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The greatest of all men
To walk the face of this our Earth
Never had the company of other men always
To effect the changes in the lives of others
That eventually made them great
Standing tall among their peers
The single thread in character that made them lead
The missing link
Like a chain that never breaks
Like the budding clouds that seldom falls into rains

Their steely determination and courage
That never fades in the midst of trials and tribulations

From Socrates, the Buddha, Confucius to Jesus The Christ

From David, Alexander the Great, Hannibal, Churchill to Nkrumah

From Shankara, Samuel, Elijah to Moses
From Hernan Cortez, Karl Marx , Lenin, Jose Marti, Che Guevara, Fidel Castro and the others

Their bravery under fire, condemnation and other tests

Pushing them further forward alone forever into the lead

And even you this weakling who keeps trying and never stops

Just cultivate courage, determination, bravery, persistence, focus, dream, persevere and think

Whom none gives a dogĀ“s chance to pass the tests
To make that all important changes
You can keep fighting forward alone
To a change in the world we all desire to come to pass

06:47 GMT
23rd January, 2010
Staff Common Room Avatime Secondary School