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Manager opens up

The popular belief among music lovers about the G.O of St. Bottle's Cathedral, St. Janet is that she is not only vulgar, but also weird in performing her act.

Her manager, Shina Ayo Oyinlola however feels otherwise. To him, St. Janet is not only a very responsible singer, but also a complete gospel musician, whom she is very proud to be associated with and how he stood by G.O of St. Bottles' Cathedral, St. Janet's who hails from Abeokuta.

This Eruwa born multi-talented artist equally spoke about his early life, schools he attended, how he met and married a police officer as wife, his saddest and best moments.



My name is Shina Ayo Oyinlola. I am from Oyo State, Eruwa to be precise. I had my primary and secondary education in Eruwa. I attended African Primary School and Akolu Grammar School, both in Eruwa before I proceeded to Government Technical College, Igbo Ora in 1990 and graduated in 1993 with a diploma in Block Laying & Concreting. While passing through all these processes, my acting business was also going pari passu until I finally came to Lagos to stay.

Acting & me

It has been in me since I was very young. I started acting at the age six. My brother used to take me to church then at Ebenezer Baptist Church, Aborerin, Eruwa. I was very young, but sharp. I used to make them happy whenever we are practising for a stage performance, especially during the Yuletide. We used to dramatize the birth of Jesus Christ. We never knew it would be so rewarding.

Role model

God! Without mincing words, I don't see anybody as my role model because we are from different backgrounds with diverse talents and disposition. I don't want to be any other person.

If however, you are talking about who influenced my choice of career, then I'll mention one man named Segun, I can't easily recollect his other name now, that was way back in Eruwa. I can however recall Sola Ogundepo very well.

Then, some artists were coming from Lagos to Eruwa. I met one of them popularly known as Jumoke Eletekete on stage. I worked with her for one year, managing her and it was through her I met another actress called Yetunde Wumi. We took to each other and started working together. I left Jumoke Eletekete and started managing Yetunde Wumi. Through Yetunde Wumi I got in touch with the late Alade Aromire. Yetunde Wumi was very close to Alade then.

I managed Yetunde Wumi for good five years before returning to Ibadan Polytechnic for my National Diploma course in Civil Engineering. After my ND days, I came back to Lagos to continue with my acting career. I always mingle with friends like Fathia Balogun, Saheed Balogun, Funsho Adeolu, Yomi Fash-Lanso and host of others that we used to work together then. Sulaiman Adegbenro, who anchored Konsoligbadun on MITV, invited me to pair with him on air. That was how I started that with him on Paramount FM then. I did that for couple of years before I went solo. It was during this period that I did my first movie, Bata Roba, followed by Ayotunde, Komo bus stop, Etan, Eti poto and many others.

Why I stuck to acting

My dad influenced me on that. He is a contractor and he majored in building houses and the likes. As a youngster, I used to follow him to sites and most cases. I worked as his site engineer. He is a polygamist. At a time, he felt uneasy that none of his children was ready to take after him.

Also, anytime we were on site, my dad used to pay the engineers good money, and when I enquired from him why he had to pay them that much. His explanation was that he had to do that to encourage them to do a good job. This also aroused my interest in the profession. So I took a bold step and move on.

As an undergraduate at the Polytechnic, I was the students' Public Relations Officer. You will wonder how an engineering student became a PRO. All these are the Lord's doing (laugh). Moreover, back in Eruwa, my dad had six wives and I happen to be a product of the second wife.

I'm the 16th of my dad's 17 kids. (Laugh) my dad is still very much alive, he's in Eruwa. He is Chief S.A. Oyinlola and my mum is Mrs. Esther Oyinlola.

Relationship with ex-gov Oyinlola

There is no way you trace people's origin that there won't be a link but let us just leave it like that.

Contract job

Yes, I'm working as a contractor with MITV, LTV (cut)

What I do mostly is to oversee the work at the site, give them instructions and move on with other things.

How I handle ladies

I used to be a flirt then. But glory be to God for His mercies. Thank God I just got married, and that has helped put a stop to such temptations.

How I met my wife, a police officer

My wife's name is Modupeola Kudirat Odumosu Oyinlola. She is an officer. I mean a police woman.

I married her out of experiment. I just like experiment. Glory be to Almighty God, we have kids and we are happily married.

…You have not told us how you met her

I was trying to dodge the question because it's a long story. She was a writer. She writes Yoruba scripts. She wrote a movie called Oja Abiye, produced by Awofe Afolayan. I think I was in Baba Suwe's office at Ebute Metta to edit one of our stories then, 'Oyeku' produced by Segun Oke (Toyobo) but directed by me. I just saw this lady arguing with Awofe. No, no you collected this from me and the rest. I then calm them down and settled the matter. After that she came to me and asked me how I was able to calm both parties down and she was even surprised that I was also an insider.

I told her it was not polite for a woman to engage in such argument with a man, especially married woman. In her response she explained that she was not married and that was how one thing led to the other, the rest today, is history. She has been an officer all that time and her office was at Ketu then.

How we resolve our differences

We got married in 2002, but formalized it in 2008. You won't believe it; I use to beat her whenever there was a misunderstanding. If you see my wife, you wouldn't know that she is a policewoman, because she doesn't look like one. Anyway, I see her as my wife and not as a police officer.
The first two years of our marriage were turbulent. I decided to change my ways, because each time punched her she never replied nor defend herself, she is so humble, that was the attribute that made me decide never touch her again.

How my wife addresses me

I am a naturally shy person, so I prefer being called by my name, but my wife fancies such romantic names as darling, sweetheart and the rest. I remember the very first time she addressed me like that, I looked back and asked her who she was referring to? I see it as a way of flattering each other? Call me the name you know me with and let's move forward. Let me be frank with you, I'm very shy person. It's only when I'm holding microphone I try to hide it. I'm very, very shy.

How I cope with the crowd

A yoruba adage says, (Idi ise eni lati moni lole) I don't play with my job, but it depends on the crowd. If the crowd is minimal I will be shy, but if it's large, the inspiration would flow because I like making people happy. Making people happy is my hobbie.

My happiest day

My happiest day was the day I got married. A Yoruba adage says (wonse ogun aiku fun e oni kotije, se oti ku ri ni?) They did a charm to make you live, and you are saying is not functioning, have you died before? There has never been a day to be compared with the day I got wedded. I never thought I would do such in my life. Even when they offer prayers in that regard in the church, I normally refuse to join them. I always wondered how I would prostrate in the presence of thousands of people, just because of a girl. No way. I always reject such prayer. When God now made it happen, I say God, you are wonderful. So, my wedding day was my happiest day.

Are you a member of white garment church?

No, I was born a Baptist. Presently, I attend the Living Faith Tabernacle a.k.a Winner's Chapel. The spirit of the Lord told me to go on a 3-day fasting with prayers. Then I had a baby boy who was just about a year and few days old. On the third day, my wife was about going out of the gate and something told me to call her back. I did so, and she came back. I told her to take care of her baby and that she should not allow her out of her sight, even for a second.

That means she should make sure she kept an eye on him, unfortunately however, that was the last I saw of the boy. I was about to go on air when my phone rang, that was how I received the bad news of his death. To God be the glory I did my programme successfully, without allowing the audience to feel it. I only shared the news with people around me after.

That is part of ethics of the job. You shouldn't allow anything affect your presentation.

Another was when men of the underworld came to my house. They battered me so much that my hand was plastered. Those are negatives things that have happened to me in the past and I pray such will never happen again.

Things I leant from my parents

I learnt how to be myself. My dad thought me this. My dad will never argue with you when there is problem. I remember the day I brought my friends home and introduced him to them. He asked me about them and I told him they are my friends. They love me and I also loved them. He called me behind later and told me never to say that again that they loved me. He said I might love them but I should not assume they love me because I did not see their mind. My dad is a great politician in my area. But I learnt how to use force for force and dialogue for dialogue. What do I mean, if there is an issue that needs to be ironed out with dialogue and you know you can achieve your aim with force then use force to get it. My mum is a no-nonsense woman.

How do you relax?

I like watching foreign movies. But in 3 months, I may not have one hour to relax. I worked every hour. What I do to relax is by chanting Ijala or writing script. I composed music and I am a music producer. I produced WAZOBIA plus jingle, MITV is the soul of entertainment. I produced that too. I also produced Shola Allinson's music.

Why I agree to manage St. Janet's of St. Bottle's cathedral

I met her in one of the outings I went to as a Master's of ceremony. She was the one that sang at that event. She was even pregnant then. I so much like her voice and I asked her how long she had been in the business and she said over 10 years. I then wondered how I've not met until then. She requested that I help with her career if I could and we exchanged phone numbers. That was how it ended because I forgot to call her. She however called me about three months after and introduced herself again. I apologised and we arranged a meeting after which she gave me a copy of her album. The album contained a complete set of gospel music and I fell in love with.
…Pure gospel?

Yes, pure gospel. I collected it and started working on it; that this album must come out. Not quite long after, she invited me to her show and I went because I am a complete businessman because all what I care about is giving people what they like and we make our money. She did Faaji Plus and it was lovely, I knew it would enjoy better market patronage than the first one. She said surely but that she doesn't want to release it. I him I would prefer the first one so that if anyone requested for this you can explain to them that you can as well do either. The master was with me for about three months until I was told somebody wanted to release it. I understand somebody in Alaba market was planning to release it and that was how we swung into action so that miscreants will not eat our sweat. That was how I told Galaxy to release it and he did so, on the stable of Omu Iya Records. You know I am 'Tomutomu' and that was how it went. Janet is a good girl.
I still have a copy of her first album is still with me. If we release the first one many people would not believe she sang it because it is a complete gospel and I know she will come back to that by God's grace.

So that means all what you are doing now is to make quick money?

Yes, that is it. And you can imagine lot of Nigerians bought the CD and they are playing it in their cars, rooms etc. The music sold well but I just wonder while the marketer started telling stories. I don't want to fight anybody. Just allow God to judge all of us.

Favourite musician

I used to ask people this question on my programme. It is impossible to have a favourite musician because there are some music that are suitable for early morning, some are good in the afternoon, while some are in the night some are even best for late in the night. So, all the musicians are my favourite musicians. There was a time Saheed Osupa was challenging me that I am a fan of Pasuma and as he was saying this, so also Pazo would be accusing me that I'm a fan of Osupa. So, all of them are my friends. I listen to all kinds of music that come my way.

Plan for further studies

I'm planning to do my Post graduate diploma and Master's degree next year, but I don't want to continue in engineering. By God's grace I hope to move forward next year.

Who I will like to meet

I don't think there is anybody for now. I don't get tripped with meeting people but I get freak with what you have to offer. I've met lot of people in government, socially, educationally and so on. Meeting people is not what matters but what those people have to offer.