Voters Registration: Massive turn out in Oyo State, Confirmation of Popularity of Akala's Govt -Olaosebikan


The  un matched massive turn out of eligible people for the on- going  voters registration exercise  in Oyo State has been endorsement attributed to the efficacy of the sensitization campaign embarked on  by the state government  and  an of the quality performance  of the state governor, Otunba  Christopher Adebayo Alao Akala.

The Chairman of Oluyole Local Government,  Alhaji Kehinde Olaosebikan made the  submission in Onipe today,  while responding to  accolades from the people of the area on the efforts being made by the local government towards ensuring that all the eligible people are captured in the registration exercise.

Alhaji Olaosebikan  said while some state governors were still using force to mobilize people for the exercise; where  payment of salaries have been tied to registration, people of Oyo State have been trooping out  voluntarily en mass to register even under the harsh conditions brought about by the inadequacy of materials.

 Olaosebikan noted that the State Governor had been in the vanguard of the campaign for the registration exercise for well over a year now, sensitizing people in the entire 33 local government areas of the state on the importance of the registration exercise at all functions.

 According to the chairman who has been religiously monitoring the exercise on a daily basis since it began, the zeal and enthusiasm being exhibited by the people of the state confirmed their love and acceptance of the programmes and policies of the present administration under the leadership of Governor Alao Akala.

“ It is a well known fact that people , particularly in this part of the country show apathy to all forms of government programmes when they are dissatisfied with the government  and in contrast show interest when they are pleased with the government   . The unmatched massive turn out for this exercise is an endorsement of the present government in the state. They are pleased with the government”

“ In virtually all the units we visited, we met hundreds of people with commendations and  one  goodwill message or the other to the governor on how he has been effectively managing the  affairs of the state, with overwhelming majority of them expressing  their desire to register in order to vote for Governor Alao-Akala in the coming general elections.

Alhaji Olaosebikan commended the people of the local government for their patriotism and love for the state and the governor promising that their efforts would be rewarded with continued delivery of dividends of democracy more bountifully.

He assured the people of the estate that the state governor would do everything within his power to see that all the eligible voters in the state are registered