Ekiti: Governance takes back seat as ACN thugs take over

By Akinmola Ade


Hundreds of ACN faithfulls backed by thugs and violent youths have taken over the street in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti state capital, Nigeria, for one week running protesting the undemocratic imposition of candidates for 2011 elections for the House of assembly, House of Representative and Senate by the party leaders. .The Government House and office has not been spared of the unusual visitors who daily throng Fayemi's office chanting war songs and abusing the governor of undemocratic practices.. some of the inscriptions on the placards read; FAYEMI ;APOSTLE OF IMPOSITION,GIVE US OUR MANDATE: FAYEMI BENEFICIARY OF RULE OF LAW NOW NOW LEADER OF IMPOSITION,fAYEMI ;GIVE US OUR MANDATE etc Three months earlier he was hailed by the same youths for being declared by the court as Governor in a controversial Appeal court ruling.

AC N had been unable to hold the primaries postponed twice due to un abating violence where various weapons were freely used with security agencies overwhelmed. At a point, the AC chairman escaped death by whiskers!. The Chairman,Olajide AWE,a high chief has been in hiding ever since.This was against the backdrop of peaceful primaries by the PDP and the Labour party ,the other popular parties in the state.

Since the entry of the judicially installed Governor of Ekiti state Dr Kayode Fayemi, into Governance,the state has been moving from one crisis to the order and Governance has taken the lowest attention . Under thirty days , the state was embroiled in a show of illegalities and violence, caused by the Governors dissolution of elected council officials andd forcible enthronement of caretaker committees . The resistance by the elected officials left in its wake a reign of terror and broken limbs. the chairman of PDP in Osun Ward Chief Awolumate was murdered and burried , a pregnant woman Adeola Akanni was laid on the ground and slaughtered like a ram, only by exceptional Gods grace is she alive to tell the story. other victims are still in different state of nursing their wounds inflicted by a state spo nsored killer and terror gang coordinated by Mentillo Chairman of Road transport Union,under the supervision of the Senior special assistant to Fayemi on internal Security,Deji Adesokan a.k.aJahrule .With hundred days in view , the fire this time is the intra party primary election of the ACN which has held the state in a siege.of thugs and killer gangs.

The primary for the Ekiti Central where three Tinubu allies slug it out has been the most traumatic for residents of the state capital .The combatants who have sponsored their private millitia in a do or die battle are Femi Ojudu, managing editor of The News Magazine whose main backer is Fayemi,Opeyemi Bamidele Lagos Commissioner for Information, being supported by former Governor Otunba Niyi Adebayo,and Dele Alake former Commissioner for information,Lagos State. The incumbent Sen. Bode Ola has also been shouting from the cold valley where he is hemmed by the powerful ACN warlords.The primaries which has been postponed twice on account of violence is yet to be held and feelers are that it may never be reconvened .The ACN known for undemocratic methods of imposing candidates have recoiled into its well known cultic meetings where candidates will emerge without any input of party members. At such meeting only voice votes of already compromised leaders are allowed and the ''ayes'' have it-Tinubus brand of politics, which is set to reincarnate fascism in an opposition party known for its propagandist 'mouthing'of democratic tenents. The pouring into the streets of ACN adherents in Ekiti to protest the imposition of candidates is the greatest testimony to the futility of the current wave of expectation of good governance from the stable of ACN known for its expertise in buying victory from the judiciary,The hypocrisy of A C N government is now out. Its not yet uhuru..