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Mr. Samuel Nweze is the Chairman of SAM-T HEALTH CARE SUPPLIES LIMITED, a company which is the sole representative of HOKEN INTERNATIONAL LTD AND NIPOBRASILEIRA LTD in Africa, two giant companies in South America. He says that his company is the pioneer of Magnetic Therapy in Nigeria.

There are so . many therapies in the world today. Some are natural while others are chemicalized. Before one should embrace any therapy, one must compare the benefits with the side-effects of that particular therapy.

Magnetic therapy has been known as the best mode of treatment. It is 100 percent drugless, 100 percent natural and 100 percent safe. It is about magnet that has Northpole and South-pole. Everything on earth is directly or indirectly influenced by magnet because the earth itself is a huge magnet.. Human life- is also a dependant of magnet.

Every human cell can be viewed as a small magnetic unit. This property is present in all organs. Each organ produces its own magnetic field. Any disturbance in this magnetic field indicates a disorder which can lead to many illnesses. Magnetic therapy restores the natural vibration frequency of organs and re-establishes coordination between them. Thus, disease disappears and health is regained.

This disturbance in the magnetic field can either be external factors, like bacteria, virus infections, cold wind, etc or internal factors like faulty diet, irregular life, addictions, mental tension and an indiscriminate' use of medicines. So, a person desirous of maintaining or regaining health should understand these factors and keep away from them.

The efficacy of this therapy has been proved in so many ailments especially those ailments that failed to be treated with drugs. It is known as wonder therapy by Japanese, miracle therapy by Russians and therapy of life by Americans. The principle of this therapy is just magnetism.

The North-pole magnet provides natural antibiotics and stops the growth of bacteria

and multiplication of viruses in our system while the South-pole provides natural analgesic and then take care of pains, weakness and swelling of the body. Since this therapy can provide both natural antibiotics and analgesic why not embrace it instead of chemicalized drugs that can lead to premature death?

This is the most welcome and appreciated method of treatment by the medical experts

and magnetotherapist all over the world because of its efficacy in the treatment of over hundred infections.

It is a multipurpose therapy because it is a single therapy that

can take care of numerous ailments at the same time. Its efficacy in the treatment of High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Asthma, Cough, Ulcer, Cancer, Anuria (no-urination), Eyes Problems, Urinary Tract infections, Liver, Kidney and Bladder infections, Kidney Stones ( dissolve), Gall Stones ( dissolve), etc has been proved. If you have any of these ailments, kindly embrace magnetic therapy now and be free. It is a free gift of nature. Embracing magnetic therapy saves one the agony of drug abuse, drug addiction, side effects' and after effect of drugs. In such, there is no drug without side effect. People on life time drugs face early grave as a result of drugs and not the ailments. The developed countries in the world like Japan, Russia, America and Europe have shifted from drugs to drugless therapies after discovering the adverse effects of drugs on human beings.

They also discovered that drugs kill faster than the ailments.

In Russia today, they use magnetized water in the treatment of so many ailments. Magnetic therapy has also offered a miraculous hope for man-kind. This is on prolongation of human life. It has peen tested and proved that there is hope that magnetic treatment will enable scientists to prolong human life to 400 years. DR. KOMAROV performed experiments with magnet on housefly. He succeeded in almost doubling the life of the common housefly by feeding it with magnetized sugar. DR. HAROLD ALEXANDER of America has also concluded that a special exposure of rats to a magnetic field increased their life span by about 45 percent. The same experiment was conducted on cow and the same result was achieved.

Because of all these marvelous results, a national committee on prolongation of human life headed by DR. KOMAROV was set. Then an experiment with magnets on human volunteers was performed. The metabolic and biochemical changes occurring in the human body following an exposure to the magnetic field are being assessed. Then the committee is hopeful that magnetic treatment will enable scientist to prolong human life to 400 years. .

This therapy is for all and sundry. If you have tried other therapies' and failed, kindly try magnetic therapy now. It is the latest hope for mankind. 'where drugs fail, magnetic therapy prevails'. It serves like faithful servant for years and help to preserve health. It is both preventive and curative.

These benefits can be tapped through magnetic flask, magnetic car seat, magnetic pillow, magnetic mattress and magnetic insoles.

It is a multipurpose therapy.
It is excellently good for people with high blood pressure, streets and low back pain. You can fix it to your car seat, office seat or your personal seat at home.

It is for insomnia (sleeplessness), migraine, headache, stress, sagging jay and wrinkles just put your head on it and off you go.

It is for people with stroke or paralysis because it can offer both major and minor repairs to the affected areas. It is for hypertension, migraine, insomnia, spinal pain, chronic pains, and waist pains. In short, it is for everyone because those who sleep well live better. It is a mini hospital in your home. It is the only sleeping equipment with four therapies; magnetic, Lumen, Repose and Massage. It is physiotherapy with ultra-modem massage. It has dual remote control with five years wanrrantee .

It is about reflexology. Every organ of the body has a corresponding point on the foot. It is for leg aches, rheumatism, nervous tension, cramps, and fatigue.

a) Are you disillusioned with medicines?
b) Is your disease such that cannot be cured by medicines?

c) Are you apprehensive of the adverse side effect of medicines?

d) Are you in a very hopeless situation?
e) Do you want to actively participate in the progress of your recovery?

f) Do you desire not falling ill at all?
g) Do you want to prevent old age (stay young forever)?

Embrace magnetic therapy now and your problems will be over. More and more people are turning to magnetic therapy to regain lost health. It serves like faithful servant for years and help to preserve health. It is preventive and curative. No person is 100 percent healthy. So, you can prevent these ailment that might end up being an incurative ailments. Remember that HEALTH IS WEALTH'. It is a MUST for every home.