Joe Biden's America versus lack of civic responsibility in Nigeria, Africa and Arab world.

By Chido Nwangwu, Publisher of USAfrica
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USAfrica, January 24, 2011: The vice President of the United States Joe Biden reported a few hours ago today (Monday morning January 24, 2011) for jury duty alongside almost 100 other Americans of different races, economic scales and stations in life at the New Castle County courthouse in his home state of Delaware.

For those, especially in my recent immigrant community of Nigerians/Africans who simply wonder why a "whole" sitting vice President made time to attend to the basic assignment of jury duty, the well-spoken former senator said it best: "I don't consider myself different than any other person. This is important ... It is an honor to be a part of the system" - he is quoted as having told The News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware.

In respect of these issues, I will make five quick points:

One, forgive my sheer audacity to ask: can you imagine a Vice President or President of Nigeria, Africa, the Arab/Persian world and the "third world" countries standing in line and taking basic, legal instructions and routine citizenship roles of law and order and civic dedication at the level of jury duty....

Two, even with different judicial methods of law and order, for most of Nigeria, Africa, the Arab/Persian world and the "third world" countries, the processes of law and order are held in severe contempt by many leaders; as judicial orders are flouted, bought or sold or coerced!

Three, I bear witness to the knowledge that democracy and civic development is not only about voting but the learned and lived patterns of civilized conduct. The government of the U.S did not move, wholesale and in toto, to the historic courthouse

of New Castle county because the U.S Vice President came, like any other citizen, to fulfill a civic duty. No.

Four, in another sense, it is understandable because the U.S government takes care of and defends its citizens anywhere in the world! On the other hand, how many Nigerians were wasted in Odi, Jos, Johannesburg, Tripoli, Baghdad, and in the city I was born, Aba, the once great Enyimba city and few are truly held responsible? How many Kenyans were slaughtered in the ethnic war called elections almost 18months ago? Who will protect the every day Ivorian?

Fifth, I am compelled to ask a rather harsh question of the lying and thiefing toads who rule and ruin various parts of Nigeria, the Arab/Persian regions and the rest of the developing world: when will you learn the successful civic habits of American and European societies where you deposit your financial loot, import the most exotic cars and expensive artifices and hedonistic indulgences you can only enjoy behind your barricaded fences called homes? You buy and fly into Nigeria, Riyahd, Dubai, Johannesburg and elsewhere the car of impression called the Maybach Exelero, the exotic Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead coupe, the Bentley Azure and Flying Spur all fit for the maintained roads of modern cities but you remain unable to enjoy a decent drive in those marvels of automobile engineering in your own countries. Imagine driving the Maybach Exelero from Ojota to Onicha, from Minna to Maiduguri, or from Ujari to Ubiaja? Again, imagine how many kidnappers and potholes and gulleys and....

Anyway, while some leaders focus on buying cars and toys, others look at building effective institutions.

Accordingly, I bear witness in deep respect of the iron-clad dedication and abiding civic sense of duty by an overwhelming number of Americans who daily, every minute, make this system work to the best possible interests (amidst imperfections and biases) of an overwhelming number of its citizens and non-citizens; like in no other country.

I bear witness that only in America will a young man like me, who after only 28months of coming here to the U.S as a youth of very modest beginnings and limited resources fly the flag of USAfrica multimedia networks from Houston, Texas, and the entire word takes responsible notice and respects and rewards our efforts, signally and substantially.

• Chido Nwangwu is the Founder and Publisher of USAfrica, and first African-owned, U.S-based newspaper published on the internet; The Black Business Journal, CLASSmagazine, PhotoWorks.TV,, Nigeria360, USAfricaTV and several blogs, assessed by The New York TImes as the largest and arguably most influential multimedia networks for Africans and Americans. He served on the editorial board of the Daily Times of Nigeria in Lagos and worked for the Nigerian Television Authority (news) in the 1980s; served on a publicity committee of the Holocaust Museum, Houston; recipient of an honorary Doctor of Humanities degree in May 2009; adviser on Africa to Houston's former Mayor Dr. Lee Brown. Chido appears as an analyst on CNN, VOA, SABC, CBSNews, ABCNews, FOXNews, NBCNews, etc. [email protected] wireless: 1-832-45-CHIDO (24436). Office: 713-270-5500. VIDEO of the CNN International broadcast/profile of USAfrica and CLASSmagazine Publisher Chido Nwangwu.

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