Nwodo's Sack: Aviation Minister throws Champaigne Party ...Invites National Assembly South East Caucus to her house

Source: pointblanknews.com
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Ms. Fidelia Njeze, Aviation Minister
Few hours after Okwesileze Nwodo was bundled out of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Aviation Minister, Fidelia Njeze, has invited members of the south east flank of the party to a champagne filled party in her Abuja home tonight to celebrate the exit of her political foe.

Interestingly she and Nwodo are in-laws. Njeze's younger brother is married to Nwodo's niece. But she had been in the trenches with Enugu Governor, Sylvian Chime, fighting Nwodo.

There is no love lost between Chime and Nwodo over the sharing formula for positions in the state party machinery. Nwodo wanted 70 per cent of the positions which irked his in-law, Njeze.

According to our source, Njeze decided to abandon her in-law for Chime because the latter nominated her for her present juicy cabinet position.

However, Pointblanknews.com learnt that the relationship between Nwodo and Njeze had been cordial until he (Nwodo) decided to undermine Chime.

When Chime threatened to leave the PDP, and drop his Governorship ambition, Njeze, it was learnt, received the news with a shock. She was reportedly hospitalized.

Pointblanknews.com sources hinted that at about 5pm Nigerian time, few hours after the National Executive Committee (NEC), accepted his resignation, Njeze started making calls to the south east caucus in the senate, House, ministers, and political appointees to her home for a party.

As at 7pm, posh cars were seen rolling into her palatial home, while guests were already popping champagne and downing expensive wine and spirit.

Said the source” She is throwing a party tonight in her house. She had been calling members of the south east caucus in the House, Senate, ministers and other appointees to the champagne filled party”