Why Nwodo was kicked out...Wasn't a bonafide member of PDP, tore PDP South East to shreds, $100M I.D Card Scandal

Source: pointblanknews.com

Okwesileze Nwodo
Fresh facts have emerged as to why sacked National chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP), Okwesileze Nwodo was shown the gate. According to our sources, before the south east caucus took the decision on a no confidence vote, they looked at other baggage of the sacked supremo.

The PDP National Executive Council, NEC, meeting has just ended. The meeting accepted the resignation of Nwodo and approved directed the Deputy National Chairman, Alhaji Halliru Bello to take charge as the acting National Chairman of the party.

Aside from the fact that he was not a bonafide member of the party, he singlehandedly destroyed the PDP in the south east.

It was however not clear why the party hierarchy decided to overlook all his inadequacies and let him parade himself as Chairman. His shortcomings also gave strength to the restraining order granted against him. When he went to his ward after his return, he was received by the state executives, but the issue of registration was overlooked.

Nwodo had been sitting on a grenade since he emerged, under very controversial circumstances, and Chairman. He knocked out Nze Chukwu Ozichukwu.

Aside from his role in the $100 million National Identity Card Scheme scandal, Nwodo was not a bonafide member of the PDP. When he left PDP to the Action Congress of Nigeria ( ACN,) he did not officially notify the PDP.

But his spokesman, Ike Abonyin, told Pointblanknews.com in a telephone chat in Abuja that the claim is not true. Although he was initially reluctant to address the issue he simply said “ I am telling you it is not true”

But when he returned, instead of follow due process from the PDP in his backyard, he started angling to be chairman in Abuja.

Just like Atiku Abubakar was told to go and become a member in Adamawa, Nwodo was required to register in his ward . Pointblanknews.com however learnt that till his exit he did not register in his ward

Pointblanknews.com sources hinted that on 25th November 2010, he admitted in an interview in the Sun Newspapers that he did not register with PDP when he came back. On 15th of April 2009, Nwodo addressed Enugu state PDP and lied that he registered when he did not.

When the vetting process was going to choose the PDP chairmanship, he lied that he was a member of PDP when he was not.

Pointblanknews.com learnt that, when he was confronted by the courts to produce his registration credentials, he made an attempt to forge and present a fake registration against the PDP constitution.

Said our source “he personally said in an interview with the Sun that he was not a card carrying member of the PDP. When he went to his home town, he was received by all the state and wards executives, but why they forgot to properly register him, and give him a card, is baffling. The court injunction was strengthened by some of these issues.”