I’m not thinking about a third marriage now –Shan George

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Shan George
Shan George
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Shan George, a notable Nollywood face, tells ADEMOLA ALAWIYE about her career and life

How I grew up

I grew up in the village, like a normal village girl. I was an adult when I came to Lagos. I got married in the village, and I also had my kids in the village. I was a total village girl. My mother brought me up on her own because my daddy died when I was five years old. I went to primary and secondary school in my village in Idiba Local Government Area in Cross River State. Thereafter, I went to the University of Lagos, where I studied mass communication. I no too go school (laughs).

When I started acting

I started acting 10 years ago, and then I was still at the university. I started with a movie titled, Thorns of Rose, which was produced by the late Jennifer Okere Osai. I played the role of Joan. I was given N50,000. I got introduced into the movie industry by a sister of mine called Blessing Iremi.

Number of movies I have appeared in

Hmnn… They are many. I've lost count, but I'm sure they will be more than 50. I have produced about 10.

Why I went into music as well

I think music is in everybody. Well, I wanted to express myself. You know that when you are acting, you are practically doing what you are told to do and that does not give room for you to express yourself, your feelings and your perceptions. So I decided to go into music so that I can express myself.

Name of my debut album

The name of the album is Nkenkene and it means, “To celebrate,” which is done in my native language. It has seven tracks, all in my native language.

How others who are not from Cross River will get the message

I want to believe that music is universal. If you don't get the words, you can get the rhythm like we used to enjoy Awilo and Shakira. Everybody cannot sing conventional music. Some people just have to remember our own culture, like Oliver de Coque and Muma Gee.

Combining my acting and music career

When you say music career, you make it sound like I'm starting a new career. Music is not new to me because I still have to do the sound tracks of all my music in the studio, so I am not new in the studio. Also, this is not the first time I am combining two things. I can remember when I was in the university, I was combining my education with my business because I was running a boutique, which I have passed on to my younger sister.

Why I got married early

(Laughs) are you telling me that I am pretty? Actually, it was a culture. If you are from my village and you are not married by age 18, you will be seen as a left over or an ill brought up. Also, I come from a place where they believe that sending a female child to school is a waste of money. But now civilisation has reduced the erroneous belief because a lot of people now want to go to school.

Why I left my first marriage

I think it was immaturity. There's no two way about it.

What of the other girls still coping with their marriage

Yes, that is life for you. We all cannot cope the same way when we face situations. Some people are stronger and some people are not so strong. I needed to go to school and when I was in my husband's house, there was no talk of going to school.

Did I quit the marriage because I wanted to enjoy myself?

No, I was comfortable. I had a car and many other things. I think it was just a young mind at play. I wanted seriously to be a lawyer as a child because of the things I saw as injustice against women around me. So I thought if I could go to school and become a lawyer, I would be able to fight the injustice around me. I thought I could still go to school after I got married, but there was no line close to the turning. So I had to move on with my life.

My second marriage

My second marriage is nothing. I got married again 10 years after I left my first marriage. I had gone to school; I was working and I felt I was an adult and could go into a proper marriage and I did just that. But this time, it was not my fault because my husband left me. I didn't call off the marriage. I think the best person to answer that question is my husband (then).

Was it not about my capability to hold down a marriage?

Well, I tried my best but you know there is no perfect person anywhere.

Thoughts about a third marriage

No, I am not thinking of it right now. It is not in any way close to my thoughts.

My feeling as a woman without a husband

Well, I feel okay so far. I have a job, my kids are there, and I have good friends around me, and good health to crown it all. I think that if you have all that, you should be happy because there are lots of people who don't have half of that.

My memories of the T36 reality show

No, I have not forgotten about it. I am still following it. The only thing that is delaying us is the fund because we have to cover the 36 states. So instead of covering some and leaving the rest, I want to get enough funds so that I won't look back when I start. So far, I've not been able to raise much funds.

About actresses exposing their bodies in movies

I think we are being a little too conservative. I am not saying that we should not be conservative but movies are part of entertainment.

Eucharia Anunobi's dressing at the NMA awards

I don't see anything wrong with Eucharia's dress. I will tell you from the depth of my heart, I don't see anything wrong with the dress. If you never see nipples, you never see anything. This is showbiz for God's sake and we all want to be entertained. Eucharia did not wear that cloth to go and transact business in the bank. We are talking about an actress wearing a dress to an awards night. What do you want her to wear? Tie a long wrapper and hair scarf? There is no showbiz if there is no show.

My future plans

I am always in God's hands. Like I said before, I wanted to be a lawyer, but ended up as an actress. Our future lies in God's hands. I like leaving things for God to direct for me. Who knows if I might have dropped dead by that time? (Laughing.) Everything is in God's hands.