Nigerians in Diaspora for Democracy Endorses Goodluck Jonathan

By Nigeria in Diaspora For Democracy (NID4D)

We are a pro-democracy group comprised of a dynamic group of well meaning Nigerians in Diaspora openly pledging unstinting support for President Goodluck Jonathan in the upcoming general election to be held in April this year.

A lot has gone wrong on the watch of our leaders, so when choosing our leaders in this highly significant year in our history, we need to choose very carefully.

Our system of government must change to respect and reflect the wishes of the Nigerian people. We cannot continue to sit around thinking of what might have been.

There is a choice to make for all Nigerians, you either contribute to your country's development or fold your arms and do nothing. As we cannot continue to pat impunity on the back, we chose to do something by getting involved because of our deep awareness of the inseparable gap between government and accountability.

We hoped for candidates of great distinction who see themselves as servants of the Nigerian people and possess the ability to faithfully execute the office of the President and protect the well-being of all Nigerians but given the choice of candidates that the Nigerian people have been presented with, Nigerians in Diaspora for Democracy (NID4D) has no choice than to drum up support for Goodluck on the basis that he remains the most credible candidate.

In spite of the 50 years of supposed independence, real democracy in the true sense of the word is still a distant dream. Democracy will only thrive in our country when we give our Constitution the reverence it deserves. We need to work with a united front against unconstitutional political arrangements.

In truth, the concept of zoning the Nigerian presidency is unconstitutional, which is why we say let the best man amongst those that have put themselves forward for the highest office in the land lead us regardless of the zone he or she hails from

As Nigerians, though in Diaspora, we reserve the right to have a say in what goes on back home

We need to overrule precedence to move Nigeria forward, the precedence that fortifies and reinforces the political tradition that is unevenly favourable to a few amongst us at the expense of the many. The wholesale condemnation of the less fortunate amongst us to a life of poverty, shackled by inequality and bound by a lack of opportunity. We take the view that Nigeria is an entity for all constituent parts as opposed to a selected few. Anyone and any mind that leans towards this point of view leans towards the collective progress of the Nigerian people.

The welfare of all Nigerians is best served and best promoted under Goodluck Jonathan who holds the best policies on issues facing our country. His agenda is to put Nigeria first and serve Nigerians by definitely making major positive differences to our lives each and everyday. Providence has designed a role for him to play and we are confident that he will play it well and with great distinction

If anyone thinks that the cabal has lost its teeth, you might as well think again, for Nigerians can still feel their bite marks.

But it is time we moved away from lame arguments;
That this is as things are and will always be
That we did not create the system but have to leave within it

That we cannot beat them so we had better join them

Join them with our tails between our legs and all principles abandoned

We say a big No to these arguments!
We will not be beholding of the practice of the past, we commit those ways to the past

We are in the business of changing what is, rather than learning to leave with it.

It is a time for a new beginning with Goodluck holding the mantle of leadership

He is a true leader, one that will continue to fight for us and care about the Nigerian people.

His ears were made for listening to the Nigerian people

His mind is sound and brimming with brilliant ideas and solutions to the Nigerian condition.

His eyes have seen way beyond the present and projected into the imminence of Nigeria's greatness

He will with a suitable show of modesty lead us to victory

To make good things happen, let us get behind GEJ's campaign and turn out in droves in his support.

Some say our country is so far gone that we are never going to be able to get her back for the Nigerian people but we beg to differ, we beg to differ because we belief that through GEJ, change is coming to Nigeria.

GEJ holds the key that unlocks the doors to true democracy, so we urge all Nigerians to let the light shine on our fragile democracy by make GEJ the popular choice that will steer this potentially great country on the right course of leadership.

GEJ promises an enabling environment where every Nigerian can achieve happiness by pursuing their goals. He promises increased opportunities for young people and responsibility to the future generation will be answered

We want to put corruption and impunity on trial in our land, and we hope that the impact will be so profound that it will bring down an entire way of life in Nigeria in favour of a new era. That is why we backing GEJ today, GEJ tomorrow and GEJ for President 2011.

We intend to sway the Nigerian voter's predisposition in favour of GEJ because of what he stands for.

That is our position and we think it is the best position to take given the choices we are faced with.

We embrace this position wholeheartedly in the interest of progress for the Nigerian people.

For we firmly believe that an opposition to our position is an opposition to an opportunity to depart from politics of the past.

Nigeria in Diaspora For Democracy (NID4D)

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