Lilian Bach back with Eletan

By NBF News

The Terracotta award winner who has been away from the tube for a while revealed that she took a breather to hone her production skills adding 'I've not been hiding. I've been very busy. I took a break from home videos, because of certain reasons.

First, the challenges are no longer there and secondly, I took time off to nurture my production house and of course, I'm into so many other things. So I'm busy doing some other stuffs I do for a living. I'm very much around'.

Continuing, she said 'If you've been following my career right from the very beginning , you will notice that I didn't feature in all the movies that came my way. You see, I've never believed in volume. I believe in quality. I don't want to be part of the bandwagon and as a matter of fact, I don't have strength for every week recording. I don't blame my colleagues for doing this every week'.

Commenting on what fans should expect from the movie, Bach, who was once the face of Delta soap , said 'it's a comedy but that it has a message to pass on' adding 'to me, it's a comedy because I've looked around and I realized that in this period of ours, everyone is so tensed-up. Of course, I have a massage to pass on, but I didn't want it to appear too serious'. Eletan features A-list actors like Yemi Blaq, Ireti Osayemi, Muyiwa Adegoke, Mr Latin, Baba Wande, Ijesha, and Londoner . It's about a young smart lady who wants to eat her cake and have it but her smartness soon lands her in trouble. Bakky Adeoye is part of the production team.

Reacting to the movie, Mr Latin, a popular Yoruba actor, said Eletan is the best movie he has ever acted in.