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AIR travel is frequently the most practical method of covering the large distances between sights in the world. It is the fastest, the most convenient and frequently the most economical means of transportation.

Even the most fast paced families can slow down and find respite in the beauteous outdoors of some of the beautiful places in the world.

The United States, Caribbean and Indian Ocean all feature heavily in global airlines top destinations including European mega carrier, British Airways' top ten tips for 2011, but the pride of place goes to North African destination, Marrakech.

Chief Executive Officer of British Airways said: 'The response we have had to the launch of routes like the Maldives, Las Vegas and Marrakech has been incredible. We have seen destinations in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean becoming even more popular with leisure travellers looking for sun and relaxation. Those after 24-hour cities are heading towards New York, Las Vegas and Japan.'

He added: 'Tourism and leisure travel is a crucial focus for us, so growing our holiday's business is a major part of our business plan. We've already made great progress thanks to the launch of our Dynamic Packaging capability on, which enables customers to book flights and hotels together and realise substantial savings. Revenue this year is up 55 per cent and there remains a huge opportunity for future growth.'

The airline's top ten destinations for the year ahead are as follows:

Marrakech, Morocco
Marrakech is a jewel in Morocco, famously known as the ' Red City', it provides quick access to both the Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert, offering one of the most unique landscapes in the region.

A wonderful winter warmer, Marrakech is home to the annual Almond Blossom Festival, which takes place in the second week of February in the Tafraout Valley area marking the start of spring.  The festival offers sights of natural beauty whilst a colourful Souk springs up, complete with dancers, musicians and storytellers.

San Diego, USA
As the eighth largest city in the USA, San Diego lies only a few miles from the border of Mexico, mixing its rich heritage built around sailing with Hispanic vibrancy.

Each year, thousands of tourists flock to The Annual San Diego Film Festival held at the end of September, celebrating the art and style of film for five days of premieres, partying and mixing with celebrities.

Some people say San Diego lacks weather, but the city's residents seem to be surviving just fine without it. In fact it's the mildness of the climate that, above all, defines the city. Though it's big (and growing fast), San Diego manages to hang on to a resort feel even amid the skyscrapers and brick facades of its revamped downtown.

A huge influx of visitors helps add to the vacation atmosphere, from party-hearty undergrads to boozy conventioneers. San Diego is also a favourite for family vacations, what with kid-positive attractions like Sea-World and the city's world-famous zoo.

New York
The Big Apple is one destination, which never fails to make it onto travel 'hot lists'.  New York is a must-go destination for hardcore shoppers and it is no surprise that the busiest shopping day of the year falls on Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), when shops open at 4.00 a.m. offering promotional sales and mark the start of the Christmas shopping season. The best bargain can be found at department store giants such as Macys and Bloomingdales where prices are slashed in half.

St Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean
The two-island nation is a wonderful family destination combining beaches with the splendour of mountains, heaps of activities to engage your body and a rich history to engage your mind. The islands have a strong mix of French and English heritage giving them an incredibly unique atmosphere.

Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is home to the famous 'Puerto Rico Baseball League', who plays from November to January.  Famous U.S. league players visit Puerto Rico and come down to play in their off-season.  For an authentic sporting experience, make sure you visit the Roberto Clemente Stadium in Carolina.

The Maldives
A classic honeymoon destination set in the Indian Ocean, The Maldives is made up of 26 breathtakingly beautiful islands.  Eternally romantic, nowhere else can combine luxury with seductive privacy like these islands can.

Tokyo, Japan
Japan is famous for its wonderful hospitality and Tokyo is the definitive destination for food lovers with restaurants representing all the cuisine of the world.  Even the most discerning and dedicated eaters, will always find something new with the huge variety of delicacies and dining experiences Tokyo has to offer!

Las Vegas, USA
Las Vegas is the ultimate destination for bright lights and glitz. The best time to go is either in the spring or autumn when the weather is balmy.  The city is home to the world famous Las Vegas Strip when you will find the world's most famous casinos and non-stop nightlife.

Mauritius exhibits all the attributes of a tropical paradise. Pristine white beaches fringed with palm trees stretch along the coastline, while the rhythmic lapping of waves breaking on coral reefs provides a comforting soundtrack. In the interior, mountains and dormant volcanoes rise out of lush jungle, broken only by plunging waterfalls, craters and deep gorges.

Black River Gorges, a UNESCO national park in the Southwest of the island is home to unique flora and fauna such as the pink pigeon and the Mauritian flying fox.

St Lucia, Caribbean
Absorb the magnificent scenery of lush green mountains, tropical forests and the dramatic twin Pitons.  A photographer's dream, St. Lucia has an unspoilt beauty and a bursting calendar of cultural events including the annual Jazz Festival in May and the St. Lucia carnival in June and July.