By NBF News

He said the endorsement was based on the high and acceptable performance of Fashola in the last three years and that there was no basis to change or try to amend an instrument that was working perfectly.

Meanwhile, the Archbishop of Lagos Province and the Dean of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), the Most Revd. Ephraim Adebola Ademowo, has implored members of the National Assembly to emulate Fashola who he said had embarked on viable projects with taxpayers' money and had made the state a model for others to emulate.

Ademowo who also urged Delta residents to stand on the path of sincerity and vote in a credible governor in today's rerun, lamented concentration of power at the centre in the presidential system of government in the nation and decried the suffering of the masses as a result of it.

Speaking yesterday at the Ibru Centre, Agbarha-Otor, Delta State at the ongoing six-day Anglican Bishops' Retreat under the title 'A Living Sacrifice,' Ademowo who commended Fashola for transforming the state and making it number one in Nigeria, urged members of the National Assembly to also sacrifice for the country and live by the noble rule: 'Others first, and me last.'

He added: 'If it is true that members of the House of National Assembly are earning so much as alleged while a lot of Nigerians who cannot afford generator sets are living in darkness because of lack of electricity, which a lot of nations including Ghana are enjoying, that would be the height of self-aggrandisement, lack of patriotism and irony of life.

'I just came back from India and apart from the fact that the nation produces everything they need, electricity has been fixed and this is because their leaders, instead of living at the expense of other citizens, decided to make their people comfortable by committing themselves to the improvement of their country.

'It is a misnomer for citizens of a nation like ours to be subjected to the use of generator set which is gulping a lot of money on diesel. In Cathedral Church in Lagos, we spend between N12 million and N14 million a year on diesel alone,' he said.

'The masses are suffering in this nation because some people, by the time they get to the so-called 'top,' disdain others as if they are not created by God whereas drivers, house helps and others in that category are all human beings.

'In some parts of the world, you would see the prime minister and would not know because of his simplicity and the way he mixes with the people.

'Another problem is this issue of unrighteousness.  If money is given for constituency development, it should be utilised for that purpose and anyone who diverts money allocated for a particular project should be made to face the wrath of the law with pepper stocked in his eyes,' he said.