Uduaghan Wins Delta Guber Re-run… As Ogboru Rejects Votes Declared by INEC

Source: huhuonline.com
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With results from twenty-five of the local government areas in Delta state already released by INEC, huhuonline.com can authoritatively say the Dr. Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan of the People Democratic Party has won the gubernatorial Re-run elections in Delta.

Our checks shows that out of the twenty- five local government   election   results released, Emmanuel Uduaghan won in fourteen local government areas, while Chief Great Ogboru, won in eleven local government areas.

  Results Released By INEC :
  Oshimili South- PDP (2,466), DPP(2,811)
Oshimili North- PDP (4,412), DPP- 1,310,   
  Ika South- PDP (5,476) and DPP (2,767),    
  Ukwani- DPP (7,168), PDP- (2,277),    
  Patani- PDP (7,583) PDP (1,975),   
  Aniocha North- PDP (4,809), DPP- (1,105),   
  Ika North East- DPP (2,830), PDP- (14,360),   
  Okpe- DPP (5,266), PDP (4,059).  
  Ndokwa East- DPP (1, 736), PDP- (6,856),   
  Uvwie- DPP (10,719), PDP- (2,402),   
  Ethiope East- DPP (18,916), PDP (1,282),  
  Ethiope West- DPP (2,879), PDP (17,335),   
Aniocha South- DPP (1,312), PDP (5,692),   
Sapele- DPP (4,657), PDP (4,360),   
Ndokwa West- DPP (6112), PDP (3632),
Warri North- DPP (470), PDP(37,139) ,
Warri South- DPP (8195), PDP(48,659),
Bomadi - DPP (4,354), PDP(21,632),
Isoko South -DPP(5,523), PDP(9,567)
Isoko North-DPP(7,785), PDP(5,808).
Ughelli South- DPP(8,103) , PDP(2,961)
Udu- DPP(18,457), PDP(1364)
Warri South West - DPP(2,836), PDP(50,933)
Burutu-   DPP (5,369), PDP (10,782)
Ughelli North- DPP (5850), PDP (1,198)
Ogboru Rejects INEC  Results
However,Candidate of the Democratic Peoples Party   (DPP) in the Delta state governorship rerun election, Chief Great Ovedje Ogboru has called for the outright cancellation of elections in areas where PDP is said to be leading, alleging electoral fraud .

According to Chief Ogboru, 'In Ethiope West particularly in Oghara, there was so much shooting that we have to inform our agents to pull out of those areas. As at 2-3 pm election, had not taken place, so we were surprised that results were coming out.

'If you go to Koko as we are speaking now, you cannot find 5,000 people. So where are the 37,000 voters coming from.

'Part of the security arrangement that was put in place worked well. Where people were law abiding, it worked well but when people started shooting and the police could not even arrest them, then we started to question what the police were doing.

'If the police were unarmed, why were they sent to those places when they knew that some people were armed? People were shooting sporadically into the air, chasing people all over the place. In one instance, our agents who were going to Ogbe Ijoh, Warri South West Council were arrested and detained so that PDP agents will take away the materials. They took away those materials and kept our agent there. We have to call the naval officer before they were released. At that time, the materials had gone and those materials didn't come until this morning.

On whether he would head to the court, Ogboru said, 'We have to wait and see. We have to hear from the Resident Electoral Commissioner, Dr. Gabriel Ada to know what steps he is going to take address the complaints that we have made. We have made very valid and pertinent claims about these irregularities.

'Deltans must be steadfast. I know that this injustice will not be allowed to stand. I am accusing the candidate of the PDP, the security officers who were on duty in the constituencies I mentioned above. I am also accusing INEC officials who were in those constituencies. They all work in cohort in concert to disenfranchised Deltans.

'In any case we have said before that this election should not have been conducted in the first place until a proper register was made available to Deltans. Now, they disenfranchised most of us in Delta North and Central because we didn't have voters card and then come out with bogus results to undermine us. Our supporters would have to do what is always right. We don't expect them to be violent in their protests.

'If you look at the populated places Ughelli,  Udu, Effurun, all of these places are thickly populated bringing out votes of less than 5,000, 10,000. If Sapele is bringing out a vote of about 8,000, how can Koko that is at least ten times less populated than Sapele bring out 37,000. We are asking that there should be a forensic analysis of those results from those areas before the final results are announced.

'We are trying to get away from the era where people just sit down and thumb print ballot papers and come to announce them. What happened yesterday showed that nothing has changed. Election took place in most of Delta North and Central but not so in the South. Other than Isoko, there were no elections in practically the whole of South.

'While voting was taking place in Ughelli North, Prof. Attahiru Jega, he witnessed a minor incidence and instantly annulled the result on the basis of that. Ughelli North is a very big constituency with big towns like Agbarho, Agbara Otor, Orogun which are very far apart. How can the skirmish that is taking place in a place that affects another that is some 20 km? It was a very erratic and irresponsible decision by the INEC Chairman to have annulled the election.

  If INEC goes ahead to pronounce PDP as the winner, what will be your next line of action? 'We will get rid of them', he concluded.