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Matthew Ibadin, a graduate of Political Science from the University of Lagos and the boss of Mattson Creations, has no doubt decided to up the ante in photography services with his newly- introduced techniques. Creations, situated in the heart of Lekki Phase 1, is a complete ultra-modern photo clinic which is first of its kind in the country and boasts of state-of-the-art equipment with wardrobe assistance, make-up and training rooms for auditioning models for cat-walk.

While conducting journalists round the studio, Mattson as he is fondly called, disclosed that he has successfully enlivened his creative vision of infusing existence into portrait. 'Ours is a one-stop photo gallery where you can buy your taste of photography, because we use our creativity in photography to create happiness in homes and offices',

Mattson quips.
He further revealed that his photography always infatuates the looker, apparently for the creativity employed in his works. Through Mattson's unique style of capturing objects which evoke interest, his works have earned him respect within and outside Africa, a feat that stands him out among his peers in the trade.

To him, taking pictures isn't only about recognizing beauty, but about enhancing that beauty through techniques, and he does not just capture the beauty but composes it, thereby exhibiting a peculiar blend of creativity and technique which have become the hallmark of his trade. Mattson Creations offers a broad range of services manned by highly skilled professionals, who are experienced in the 'People' and 'Object' photography, multimedia, hand colouring, digital manipulation, training and restoration among others.

During the last thirteen years, Mattson Creations has grown an unbridled passion for photo artistry to become the pace setter in the Nigerian photo space. Mattson's passion for photography in disregard of his intellectual background is awesome, wherein he holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science from the University of Lagos where he introduced motion picture; Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Fate Foundation; Member, Enterprise Development Service (EDS) Pan African University; Certificate in Media Enterprises from the  Pan African University; Advance Certificate in Photography from London School of Photography, London;  and a host of other professional memberships and certifications.

He has also acquired other professional photographic training in various training institutions in America and Europe. Mattson also combines photography with his other job as a media entrepreneur.