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A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Abia State, Chief Ikechi Emenike and his crowd of supporters were barred from entering Ibeku High School, a venue he had earlier planned to use for the declaration of his governorship intention.

This development made youths, who trooped out in their thousands carry placards, chanting support songs for Emenike as they went round the major roads and streets in Umuahia town.

The youths' protest over what they observed as denial of the right of their candidate to use a place he had paid for, caused traffic gridlock in areas such as Bende Road, Aba Road, Umuwaya Roads, Azikiwe Road, School Road, Uzuakoli Road . The town was temporarily brought to a halt following this development,as youths moved round the town, chanting songs in support of Emenike.

Later, the supporters settled at the premises of Chekwas Cinema, opposite state Police station, along Bende Road, where Emenike and other party chieftains addressed their supporters.

Speaking at Chekwas Cinema ground, a venue he used as last resort, Emenike said he applied to use Abia Stadium, Umuahia and was denied the opportunity by the powers that be.

'We went to Ibeku High School, paid for it and wanted to put things in place for my declaration today, they used terrorist group to stop us. We are just warming up and they are already jittering. I want to tell them that there is no force on earth that can stop a man whose time has come', Emenike said. He said that at Osisioma junction in Aba, the forces that were against him were holding 122 buses that were coming for his declaration. 'At Umuikaa, they are holding 60 buses while at Bende, they are holding 40 buses.

All these are in an effort to stop us. I have spoken to the Commissioner of Police and others and I asked them, is this democracy? I thought that democracy is freedom to make a choice. They should allow the people to make a choice. The little tyrants are doing so today because they are in service. We want to tell them that if the table turns tomorrow and our people start treating them the way they are treating us today, how would they feel? If we are defeated in a free and fair election, we will accept it and support the person who defeated us . This morning, the police were everywhere , trying to stop me and you and when they could not they turned round to say that they are here to protect us. What we need is progress which does not exist here . 'We have something to offer and anybody who thinks that he also has should come out for contest. Any body who causes blood shed in this state will pay for it. What the people are asking for is for a change. Abians want change. The youths of Abia have been made to feel hopeless. Our manifestoes are well articulated.

'In four years , we shall create a minimum of 300,000 jobs. By November 1, 2011, there will be 7,000 jobs for youths. We are going to pursue educational excellence, liberate this state economically and ensure that no person is idle . Our Government will be a legacy . My Government will not be a government that will terrorize any body, I will not be a governor that will form a construction company overnight and start awarding contracts to myself. Evil has expiring date. If I am giving the flag of PDP, I will lead you to victory. I will make Abia a first world state ', Emenike promised.

A chieftain of PDP, Prof Mba Uzoukwu, who spoke , described the day as a day that the people pulled down forces of evil in the state, 'to enshrine a true God's own state'.

Earlier, the state Chairman of the party, Chief Ben Etie said they were not surprised with the mammoth crowd that came. ' This turn out is so much that one would not know how to describe it. He said Emenike's administration would be centered on God. We have only one guber aspirant in PDP,Etie said. He condemned politics of hatred and bitterness being played in the state. 'How can people use the police and bakasi to stop us from using Ibeku High School that we paid for . We condemn it in very strong term. He urged the people of Abia to continue giving him support until he got into the Government House.

It would be recalled that the crisis which engulfed PDP , following sudden change of leadership has turned the party into two factions in the state . One of the factions is the one led by Senator Emma Nwaka, which supports the government of the day in Abia, while the other is led by Chief Ben Etie , who said his faction was the authentic PDP. It is under this Ben Etie-led PDP that Chief Ikechi Emelike is contesting for the governorship seat of the state. They are accusing the government of the day of being responsible for their problems.