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The Arewa Youths Forum, AYF has called on the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) to call both President Goodluck Jonathan and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar to order before they both set the country on fire.

In a statement signed by the National President, Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu, the group noted with dismay the recent 'counter and counteracting of political missiles between President Goodluck Jonathan and former Vice President Atiku Abubakar have set a bad tone in Nigeria's political arena, and by extension war of calumny being littered in the minds of Nigerians by their cronies and surrogates is also a source of concern to any sensitive Nigerian.

'By commission or omission, their war of words is capable of threatening national security and dividing or making Nigerians to perceive their politicking along religious, ethnic, and regional politics particularly the uninformed gullible Nigerians.

'Nigerians must rise up against all odds and denounce all forms of malicious incitements that could threaten our national sovereignty, peace and stability irrespective of religion, region, ethnicity and political inclinations.

'The PDP must as a matter of expediency knows that Nigeria is bigger than their party and has outlived it and they must ensure that all those aspiring under their auspices played the game accordingly because the actions and inactions of majority of PDP aspirants have started brewing unrest in some States.

'By our observations and critique, religion, region and ethnicity have no place in the new Nigeria we are envisaging as youths and those whose future have been partially battered by a shameless class of selfish and unprincipled leaders that led the country to the mess we are in.

'Our position remains that Nigeria must be salvaged from the hands of bad and corrupt leadership by creating a new Nigeria where a Nigerian recently opined: 'We must build a nation in which no set of people whether on regional, religious and ethnic grounds may feel they are supreme and endowed than other components of Nigeria. Let us build a Nigeria in which there will be equality and respect for one another without regards on sentimental grounds we should look forward to a Nigeria where we will still be religious. But not in lips but in actions and character let us build a country in which merit, competency and ability will count.' This is our position.'