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The Christian Holy Book made us to understand that “What shall it profit a man who gain the whole World and loses his soul?

The name Elumelu no doubt before now has been a household name across the globe courtesy the World famous Tony Elumelu formerly of the United Bank for Africa (UBA) but little did the ELUMELUS know that their golden name would be quagmire by Hon Ndudi Elumelu of the Federal House of Representatives, representing Aniocha North/Aniocha South/Oshimili North/Oshimili South Federal Constituency of Delta state over his alleged series of corrupt practices.

Without any fear of contradiction, I made bold to say that Hon. Elumelu who would have written his name in gold as a hero who was able to unearth some of the shady deals and problems ravaging the Nation’s electricity sector for over the years, used his power negatively on Nigerians and indeed Delta North and the entire Delta state where he hails from.

However it will never be out of place if some one should say Hon. Elumelu is among our problem and curse to our epileptic power supply in general because instead of finding a last solution to the Nation’s power supply through the legislative powers vested on him by the law, rather he was causing more harm and busy amassing wealth for himself to the detriment of the poor masses.

For emphasis sake, Hon Godwin Ndudi Elumelu was the Chairman, Committee on Power and Steel who is been tried alongside nine others allegedly stole about N5.6 billion from the coffers of the Rural Electrification Agency using 65 phoney companies that were purportedly awarded contracts for Grid Extension and Solar Electricity project.

Over time in appearance, Hon. Elumelu is like a saint who cannot even hurt a fly but right inside; he is a goliath all for the sake of money which is referred to as the root of all evil.

Hon. Elumelu squandered several opportunities he has had to change the fortunes of power supply in this country; He is a curse, because of his selfish interests against that of Nigeria; Ndudi Elumelu has been more of a problem than blessing to Nigeria’s electricity.

Dearest people of Aniocha North/Aniocha South/Oshimili North/Oshimili South Federal Constituency there are so many reasons why Hon. Elumelu must be stopped from returning back to the hallowed green chambers comes 2011.

Infact I am at this point challenging the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and other anti-graft agencies to make sure that this killer Nigeria and President of Corruption is never allowed to return back to the Federal House because if given another opportunity who knows he might sell the country.

So many un-repented and blatant lies have been told by this Corrupt Federal lawmaker, mostly in the areas of dividends of democracy due his people.

Despite the staring fact that I cannot precisely remember any way the representation of Hon. Elumelu in the National Assembly has positively impacted on the people of his constituency, my profession and my people, I am one of those voices who believe the embattled and obviously corrupt lawmaker should not continue in office till 2015 for reason clearer to insiders more than outsiders.

His constituency should have been one of those privileged constituencies of the federation which by now should be reaping from the efforts of its founding fathers.This is because it is easier to identify government’s achievements in rural areas than in cities.

For instance, a borehole in a village will be much more recognized and its impact felt than when the same is cited in a city centre. Life in majority of our rural settings is terrible with little means of survival. But in cities, people are more civilized, buoyant and comfortable with individual amenities.

What a big shame, even as he was still battling with the catalogues of corrupt cases dangling in his neck, Hon. Ndudi Godwin Elumelu is been alleged to have not performed to the expectation of his people he represents in the green chambers.

Let me lead you people into certain things you might not know that the corrupt lawmaker has claimed to have done for the people which investigations later found out to be lies.Hon. Elumelu had during his electioneering campaign prior to his election into the House of Representatives in April, 2007 promised economic empowerment and his Determination to improve living of the people as well as Infrastructural transformation of Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency.

Among all these, the Rural Electrification Agency projects scattered in some parts of his constituency which EFCC is prosecuting him and others for, took the larger part of the constituency project money which he allegedly contracted to the present embattled chairman of Delta state PDP, Chief Peter Nwaoboshi.

Now listen very well, the corrupt lawmaker said at Aniocha North local government area a Town Hall he built at Onicha-Uku cost him the sum of N20 million, Bore hole at Idumuje-Unor cost him N20 million.

In Aniocha South local government area, the Town Hall at Ogwashi-Uku the federal lawmaker said it cost him N20 million, Bore hole at Aba-Unor cost him N5 million.

In Oshimili North council area, Town Hall at Akukwu-Igbo cost him N20 million while Bore hole at Ibusa cost him N5 million as well as a Town Hall and Bore hole at Oko cost him the sum of N20 million and N5million respectively. One block of computer lab with accessories at Issele-Uku (Aniocha North), Ogwashi-Uku (Aniocha South), Akukwu-Igbo (Oshimili North) and Oko (Oshimili North) cost him N4, 320,000.00 each while Primary Health care clinics at Idumuje-Unor (Aniocha North), Aba-Unor (Aniocha South), Illah, Oko (Oshimili North) cost him N3,000,000.00 each and Motorised Bore hole with over head tank at Onicha-Uku (Aniocha North) cost him N11,000,000.00 and sub-total cost is N40,280,000.00.

Brethren it might interest you to know that apart from solar streets light scattered all over his constituency there are absolutely nothing on ground to quantify all the huge money the lawmaker claimed to have expended in his constituency.

Can you imagine how on earth a lawmaker will stoop so low to erect a tank of water in his private compound claimed to have spent millions of naira to provide his people with pipe born water all in the name of constituency projects.

No wonder Sir Patrick Ajiduah, President General of Ogwashi-Uku Development Union (ODU) lamented the claims of Hon. Elumelu which he described as unfortunate and fraudulent.

Sir Ajiduah said the purported N20 million town hall started in the ancient kingdom by the lawmaker was nothing but a hut when compared to what the kingdom has. “The problems with our lawmakers they don’t ask the people what they needed before embarking on any project for the people. Can you image he came building for us a 40 capacity town hall for a town like Ogwashi-Uku when our present town hall is over 500 capacity and we have to stop the work. The about twenty solar power light he installed in few areas in the town are nothing to write home about and as we talk they have fallen and abandoned.” adding that the federal lawmaker must be questioned what he has used the people funds running into billions of naira to do.

According to the kingdom’s PG, all the claims by Hon. Elumelu concerning constituency projects in the area is nothing but blatant lies saying River Ubu Dam have been abandoned since 2006 when an attempt was made by some sons of the kingdom to revive it. “Hon. Elumelu should come and show Ogwashi-Uku people where he built one block of computer lab with accessories worth N4, 320,000.00 as he claimed.” stressing that the kingdom has not benefited any single dividends of democracy both from the state and Federal governments since inception of the nascent democracy.

A Community leader who simply gave his name as Mr. Okoro at Nsukwa said the N91, 584, 886 solar-based rural electrification project claimed to have been executed by Hon. Elumelu in the Nsukwa clan is a mirage saying that apart from the abandoned solar light poles standing in the town there is virtually nothing on ground to show. The community leader however called on anti-graft agencies to probe the lawmaker deeply even as he challenged Elumelu to come out boldly and tell the people where else in the clan he executed such projects which he claimed.

Also reacting to what he termed as so many lies of a deceptive lawmaker, an Oko community leader who simply identified himself as Elder Chris Ugbe, lambasted Hon. Elumelu over the projects claimed to have executed for the Oko people which include a N5 million borehole, N20 million town hall, a one block of computer lab and accessories worth N4, 320,000.00, primary health care clinic worth N3, 000,000.

The visibly angry indigene said “Elumelu should stop deceiving the populace, mostly the peace loving people of Oko community, he should come out to show us where all these projects were cited. Or is he talking of that bedroom town hall which he has claimed that cost N20 million? We are waiting for him come 2011, let him come and contest again infact we are already collaborating with other communities which he has deceived too to campaign against him.”

At Ibusa, the story was the same as the people who refused to mention their names rained courses on the federal lawmaker whom they described as a looter who only came to enrich himself to the detriment of the masses he claimed to be representing in the National Assembly.

At his own community, some of his kinsmen who were scared mentioning their names alleged that apart from the solar energy light nothing to write about Hon. Elumelu’s three and half years in the National Assembly.

While expressing disappointment over Hon. Elumelu’s representation in the National Assembly, they challenged him (Elumelu) to come out and tell the World those supposedly projects due the constituency that he fails to execute for the interest of the people adding that posterity will surely judge the federal lawmaker.

I think I must support some media comments credited to the Anglican Bishop of Amichi Diocese in Anambra State.

The Anglican Bishop, Rt. Rev. Ephraim Ikeakor, has accused Nigerian politicians seeking re-election in 2011 of deliberately fooling the people.

According to him, most of the politicians currently traversing their constituencies for votes have not made any positive impact in the lives of their constituents since the last election. “How many of these politicians have made the desired impact in their constituencies? How many of them used the constituency funds given them to impact the lives of their people positively and now they want to be returned to continue their selfish acquisition of money? Nigerian politicians hoping to rig themselves into office again should jettison the idea because they will be disappointed since it will not be business as usual in 2011 election.” If you ask me, I will tell that the Bishop was not only talking to Nigerian’s most corrupt politicians but to Hon. Elumelu who has looted this country and impoverished the masses. I must not end this piece without telling Hon. Elumelu to bury his head in shame for all atrocities he has committed against Nigeria and the people of Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency in particular. It is in this spirit I call on all sons and daughters of the Aniocha/Oshimili federal constituency and EFCC to stand their ground to stop Hon. Elumelu from going back to the National Assembly because if he does, the repercussion will be detrimental and regrettable. Chief Paul Okoro, Ogwashi-Uku, Delta State.

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