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How is Fumman Fruit juice doing in the market?
The products are doing very well. We are proud of our products, and the fact that we have stayed true to values of providing wholesome, quality and safe products to our consumers even in the face of very major challenges. What a lot of people would have done will be to start cutting corners, but we could not afford to do that because that will be at crossroads with the vision of the founders of this business. And for the consumers who know us for whom we are, that will amount to a major betrayal of trust.

What does your organization intend to achieve with the introduction of this new TV commercial 'Nothing but Fruits' ?

For 13 years, we have produced and sold quality and real fruit juices. For those who know what we stand for, they will go to any length to find and buy Fumman juice. But the question is how many are these people? The truth is that there are instances where you mention Fumman juice, and someone says what is it? This is the paradox, because given the wholesomeness of our brand, you would expect that it will be a household name. That has not been the case, but that is about to change. In this age of health consciousness it will be disservice to consumers and to our brand to keep it to those few consumers who know. It is time to tell our story, it is time to tell the consumers who we are and what we are offering. That is why we have spared no resources in packaging this new TV commercial.

Where was this commercial shot?
It was shot in locations in rich orchards of South Africa and all post-productions done there as well. We have two cuts, the 20 seconds and the 45 seconds materials for designed for different media. It is our belief that with your support, this commercial will help us tell our story.

What is the core message of this commercial?
This commercial is built around the very organic nature of our product, and how its closeness to the actual fruits on the tree.

Do you have special infrastructure on ground to support the production of this fruit juice?

We have 310 acres at Ajaawa farm in Oyo State, coupled with numerous farmers' cooperatives in the South-West who partner us. We also have a factory in Ibadan. With a dam, and 4 deep wells at our farm to ensure all year round irrigation, and our cordial relationship with the farmers' cooperatives, we are guaranteed a supply of fresh fruits all year round to produce our fresh fruit juice.

Are your products everywhere in Nigeria?
We have expanded our distribution network to all parts of the country. In other words, Fumman products is available now in every city in Nigeria.

Do you have any special plan to improve sales of your product?

We have always had plans geared towards improving sales of our products. The consumer is a very discerning person, and have become very sophisticated. We know the economic climate is taking its toll on consumers' finances. But we also know that even with the economic crunch every consumer needs and deserves healthy refreshment. The implication of this is that we must have something for everyone and products for different occasions.