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Chioma Ezenwa, an indigene of Imo state, is the reigning Miss Abuja, having emerged winner of the Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja Beauty Pageant (MBGA).

In this interview with Daily Sun in its Abuja Office, the 19 year-old Chioma, who paid a courtesy call on the Executive Director, Special Services, in company of MBGAís Project Director, Ejiro Okpihwo, said since clinching the crown, a lot of things have practically changed in my life, saying she would use the ample opportunity to remove from the streets, prostitutes and equally, devote her time to her pet project 'Let the Child Live.'

She spoke on these and many more, including her state of mind while the contest lasted.

I am Chioma Ezenwa, I am the last child in a family of six. I live in Gwarinpa, Abuja, and presently seeking admission into the university.

What led you into the Most Beautiful Girl in Abuja contest?

I have had a passion for modeling, beauty pageant and anything that has to do with beauty since my younger days. So, when I saw the advert on television, I naturally went and bought the form and registered. At the end of the day, I emerged winner.

How was the contest? Were you hopeful or hopeless?

I was hopeful.
Hopeful of winning?
No. It wasn't that I was going to win but I knew I was going to achieve something from the contest/pageant. If I wasn't going to achieve anything, I wouldn't have participated.

What actually did you set out to achieve?
I set out to achieve publicity so that people would know me and get modeling contract since different modeling agencies were going to be present. And I was sure of that.

Are you categorically saying you werenít gunning for the crown?

All the participants went for the crown. I actually went for the crown but I said should in case I didnít win, because I wasnít sure I was going to win since many beautiful girls were around, I said if I was not able to get the crown, there were other alternatives.

Now that you have clinched the crown, how would you describe the process that led to your emergence?

The process was free and fair, in terms of judgment because they left everything to the judges to decide. So, it was a free and fair judgment.

Was there any form of intimidation?
Yes. There were some kinds of intimidation from other contestants. There were too many beautiful girls in the race and when I came into the pageant, I saw how close some of the contestants were to the organizers. So, I thought, as a typical Nigeria would say, the winner was already chosen but to my greatest surprise, I am now the winner.

Was there any sexual harassment?
No, no, no. There was nothing like that
Now, that the crown is yours, how is your mood?
I feel very happy. It is very amazing and satisfying.

What would say that you want to do with this noble office?

I want to use this opportunity to serve my society better. I want to unveil my pet project, which is ëLet the Child Live,í and it is going to look at the perspective of what we can give to children, to make them live a better life. In this way, we shall look into their exercise books, look into their text books, their school fees, school uniform and even school sandals, including those basic things that they need in school to be happy.

In furtherance to the aforementioned, I am going to visit motherless babiesí homes to donate food items and money to them.

You have chosen a noble and tedious task, how are you going to generate funds to execute your project?

I am going to embark on fund-raising. Very soon, I will embark on a fundraising launch and I would be meeting some important persons in our society to raise money.

One of my projects also, is getting our young girls off the streets. I want to find a way of working with the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Senator Bala Mohammed, in getting our young girls off the street. This is really going to be a platform for raising funds through him.

•Chioma Ezenwa
Photo: Sun News Publishing
That again, is a herculean task. How prepared are you?

Yeah, it is very difficult but gradually, I know by the grace of God, I will achieve that. Through the fundraising, coupled with the support I hope to get from people and well wishers, I will be able to achieve my goals.

What are the processes you have put in place to ensure total ward-off of these so called call-girls out of the streets?

I will support a skill development acquisition center where they can go and learn whatever they intend to learn. I am also going to humbly prevail on the government to introduce a ministry for talent hunt where these people can go and showcase their talents because I believe everyone has talent to do one thing or the other.

What are the other areas you would want to put your efforts to better enhance the living condition of Nigerian youths?

That was why I brought up the issue of talent hunt. A lot of people have talents. We have people who are good in one thing or the other such as any part of entertainment. We also have girls who are good in sewing, good designers but have not got the opportunity to showcase their talents. The issue of talent hunt, I believe, is a very good opportunity.

How do you react to the plight of Nigerian youths
It is just deplorable.
What do you think that government ought to do?
Government should get itself involved in the life of our youths by creating more job opportunities. As I said earlier, talent hunt will also be very necessary.

Will the project not derail your educational progress?

No. It will not distract me from focusing on my education because it is something I have already made up my mind that I was going to do.

Where would you like to study and which is your possible course of study?

My proposed course of study is Public Administration and my school of choice is the University of Abuja.

Why Public Administration and not Theatre Art or any other course in the Art?

I love Public Administration because I studied social sciences in the secondary school. So, I know it is something I can do easily.

Do you have the blessing of your parents in this whole project?

Yes. Of course, I have my parentsí support. My mother was very prayerful during the period I was in camp and so on. So, I have their support. Full support from my parents.

Between then and now, what has changed in you?
A lot. People have been calling me to congratulate me. My life has changed in so many ways. I have gained more respect and lots more.

How are you going to keep the flag flying?
I am going to try and behave well, be a good person, stay out of trouble and anything that will jeopardize my efforts.

How do you hope to cope with publicity?
By always being of good conduct.
But you can be of good conduct and still generate criticism from members of the public. How are you going to react to them?

It is by minding where I go to. I am not supposed to be seen everywhere. The only way I can react to them is by doing my best and leaving the rest to God since there is no other thing I can do to please people, except always doing the right thing.

Are you in a relationship?
Not yet.
So who is your dream man?
A God fearing man. A man that knows God and knows what is right.

Are you envisaging any? Do you have anybody in mind?

I have to focus on my education. Education first, before relationship.

How are you going to cope in school?
I will cope by the Grace of God, with my pet project and academics.

Merging the two, how will you succeed?
By doing what I am supposed to do. I will do the right thing at the right time like being in class when I am supposed to, do my assignments and read my books. I will ensure that I do all these at the right time.

Preparations for 2011 elections: many Nigerian youths would be used by politicians in areas of thuggery and general electoral malpractices. What is your advice?

My advice is that Nigerian youths should stay away from anything that would cause them trouble. A patient dog eats the fattest bone. So, they shouldnít engage in these nefarious activities as a result of their present situation by allowing themselves to be used by anybody.