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To drastically check the unemployment situation in the country, the wicked and violent tendencies of commercialization and privatization would have to be reversed and tendered with non negotiable mercies to the poor and masses in the hanging political economy.

The goal of commercialization and privatization is profit maximization and deliberate exploitation of the labor with the work force reduced to even unpardonable percentage relative to industrial or business capacity. That is why Nigeria employers and bosses grow irrationally wealthy.

An emergency instrument, emergency government or a revolutionary program needs to be in place to check the unemployment situation in the country. This would be based on the facts (1) that employers and institutional bosses in the private and public sectors refused to employ in order to have more money for themselves (2) those on jobs are given jobs based on favoritism and expanse of social interest (3) religious bigotry and ethnicism influence employment (4) the poor has no place in the job market (5) advertisement for jobs in the newspapers are public delusions and smoke screams for institutional deception. It is therefore important for an emergency instrument or revolution to takeover appointment in public sectors and a law to enforce mandatory employment with good salaries in the private sectors.

What Nigerians lack are the normative superstructure and not the economic and agriculture superstructures that cry for exploitation and maximum utilization. The manufacturing and industrial sectors are the foundations and cornerstone of a global economy hence, they should be supported by the government to fuel other sectors of the economy in job creation and providing investment opportunities. Government should be an instrument for protection of basic liberties through employment and economic empowerment.

Employment in the public and private sectors must be a social engagement of individual and none governmental organizations in partnership with government through job creation schemes. The man made and artificial nature of the multi dimensional unemployment crisis in Nigeria requires a surgical onslaught by a special disciplinary and revolution conscientious independent commission which must take over appointments in public institutions and monitor same in private sectors.

Maduabuchi Dukor is professor Philosophy at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka and Executive Director, Essence Library O8O37143816

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