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By Lere Olayinka
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From all that he has done since he bought his way into government, using the judiciary, Fayemi has demonstrated that he hates anything that has the touch of Chief Olusegun Oni and won't mind destroying them even at the expense of Ekiti people.

If it is the same concessioning of water production facilities, success story of which the National Concession Commission is now studying and on which no fewer than 10 State governors had contacted former governor, Chief Olusegun Oni to share experiences and teach them how to replicate the Ekiti Model in their States that is now being copied by others States of the federation that Fayemi is referring to as sales of Ekiti peoples' heritage, then God help our people!

With the concessioning, production in Ero Dam has increased from 7.67 million litres per day that it was in 2008 to 40 million litres per day, Ado has increased from 1.15 million to six million litres per day, Itapaji from 0.8 million to 20 million litres per day while Egbe has increased from 1.04 million to 30 million litres per day. And on top of this, water rate has not increased from the what it used to be before the concessioning.

As at today, water production in Ekiti has exceeded the water demand of 96 million litres per day with well over 100 million litres and this is verifiable. However, we understand that those whose source of ill-gotten wealth has been blocked by the concessioning because they can no longer siphon public funds through supply of water chemicals and maintenance of water production facilities, and those who have come to government with the aim of getting quick money from the State Water Corporation must be unhappy.

But they can afford to knock their heads on the Olosunta Rock, that won't remove the fact that before we left government, Ekiti people were enjoying water the way they never did in the last twenty years.

This was made possible because of the conceited efforts that were made in the area of water production and supply.

Ekiti no longer have problem with production because that problem was before we left government. We also laid over 300 kilometres of water pipe and constructed close to 1,770 units of water fetching points through the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) intervention.

Therefore, like we have said several times, Fayemi should face the real task of governance and stop allowing his mouth to move faster than his brain. If he is able to do this, he will realise that what Ekiti need now is conceited government efforts aimed at distributing the available water to all the towns and villages in the State.

We started this by constructing and rehabilitating over 300 water pipes, Fayemi should strive to surpass this.