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Rainy Days

Source: Melanie L. Miller
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The rain comes out and wants me to play in its' mud puddles.

The rain is my best friend and it loves me so much.

The rain comes today and as I stand out in it's water,

I feel at peace and contentment.
I do love the rain so, and together we make a good pair of friends.

The rain can not always come out but when it does, oh I feel in my soul!

I hope the rain will come when I am gray and old, and leaving this earth-

and that the rain will comfort me.
The rain-what a a delight to have as a dear companion.

It has been there for me since I was a child.
The rain is tender and mild.
I do not like many of my friends the way I like the rain-

as it never scolds me or belittles me or tell me wicked tales, or lies,

and the rain always comes from the blue skies.
I like to even eat french fries, in the rain, even if they get a bit soggy.

The rain never seems foggy or makes me groggy.
I just love my friend the rain and it washes my worries and woes away

The rain- is a true friend indeed and it never does greed...

and if I bleed, the rain will wash that away too.
A true friend forever shall it be, the rain, and it watches over me at times,

when it is near and ever so dear, is the pouring rain, to me.

I love it, shower in it and feel good whenever it is falling from the sky.

It will always be kind to me, and wash any fears or doubts I have in my mind-

and the rain is the best god around as I consider it a god, and I can even play in it,

or pray in it, so I am happy just knowing the rain is around me..and it shall always be,

my best and dearest friend.
I just love rainy days!