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Support for IBB, Atiku
We are talking about zoning and the need for Nigerians to remain united. We are not talking about individual interests. What we want to do is to make the zoning arrangement real for the next generation.

That is not to say we are not supporting Atiku. We are only having a Plan B in case Atiku stumbles along the way.

IBB, Gusau, Saraki and Atiku are still together. All we are doing is to provide a platform which would not create a vacuum if any of them fails before the primaries.

Adamu Ciroma is good, but we must protect the zoning arrangement for the Igbos to have a taste of the Presidency in 2015.

The North against Jonathan
Yes, if the zonal arrangement is not respected, it would imply that some geo-political zones would feel cheated.

The Nigerian Constitution allows Jonathan the right to contest elections, but PDP constitution says no. So, we want the elders of the party to advise him to leave PDP if he is not comfortable with the zoning arrangement and contest in other parties if he feels he is popular.

Mark my words, we are going to make the zoning arrangement real in Nigeria.

Northern governors
Governors are politicians who are playing the game with Jonathan very well. But I can assure you that when the primaries come, they will do the right thing. Jonathan will lose the primaries. I can assure you.

This is the only way the country can continue to be united, because the South-East is the only zone that has not benefitted from this arrangement.

South-East governors
Since the end of the civil war, Nigeria has been united. We now see ourselves as brothers and sisters. They have their future in their hands, and I believe they will not throw it away. We as a country, have celebrated 50 years of independence, but no Igbo man has ruled democratically. This is their time to realise the dream.

Remember when Abiola won the cancelled election, he got bloc votes from the North, showing that we can elect anyone, no matter his religion or ethnic background. But all we are saying is that this arrangement must be respected for equity.

Obasanjo is from the South-West. He won election, and handed over to Yar'Adua, a northerner who eventually died. Does that mean that there are no men in the North to carry on? Let us not play God because He is Almighty.

This zoning arrangement cannot be forever as you are aware. We need it, so that every minority group will be happy to taste the hot seat. Then, after about 50 years we can elect any leader from any zone.

America experimented on their democracy for 200 years, and are enjoying the fruits today. They can elect anybody to rule them.

When Rimi challenged Obasanjo
We in the North never supported him. We knew he was not a threat, and the outcome confirmed it. The secret of PDP victories in elections is that they give everybody opportunities and I think it must be respected.

The elders must intervene. Members of G-20 have to come together and mandate the leadership of PDP to implement the constitution of the party. In the process, they must stop Jonathan from contesting the primaries.

He should respect the constitution of the party and hand over to other aspirants from the North.

Make or break election?
NO. Rather, it will strengthen our fatherland.
Ciroma committee
Adamu Ciroma Committee is a child of necessity. It was conceived to make sure that Nigeria remains an indivisible entity; and I think he is on track. We must not see him flagging a northern agenda, but working for the interest of Nigeria.