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Happy Chanukah Day and Kawanzaa Day!

By Melanie Miller
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There are several holidays for celebrating festive times of the year. There is Christmas, Chinese New Year, and of course the ever popular Chanukah and Kawanzaa day. I have a neice and nephew whom are of the African American race and they celebrate Kawanza day. They get presents on Christmas day too, but since they honor, and pay homage to Kawanzaa day, I see nothing wrong with celebrating this particular day!

Since I am half jewish as my mother is jewish and my father was irish then I can celebrate Chanukah day myself. I drink red wine and eat the loaves as well, and since I can not celebrate a traditional day of Christmas as some Christians do, I do have a fake tree put up each and every year, I just can not have a Jesus statue or a baby Jesus ornament dangling from my tree. There are some people that tell me there is no such thing as half a jew, but I am and I believe my mother, when she told me she is jewish, as she would never lie to me about anything. This is my biological mother, but she did not raise me. I know a few of my siblings, sisters this is to say, but one of my sisters does not want me talking to my biological mother and it hurt my feelings a lot.

One day- I would like to tell my mother that I love her, and wish her a happy Chanukah day- in fact, I would even wish her a Merry Christmas day as well. Although I am not truly a christian as am into some magick at times, I still feel each person(s) has a right to celebrate a holiday as they see fit, such as handing out gifts, or singing songs, and if people want to celebrate Kawanzaa day is fine by me.

Some people may disagree with me, but Kawanzaa day is just as special as any other national holidays, so let the people celebrate a holiday they feel fit celebrating and why do these banks want to take out their Christmas trees for, not that it is a bad idea but some folks are even pulling out their money and depositing into another bank that celebrates Christmas. I am not against celebrating Christmas, I just have my own way of celebrating Christmas. I normally like to celebrate Chanukah the most...but to each their own as I have said.

If you prefer to not celebrate any holiday due to your faith or religion, such as if you may be a Jehovah Witness, then you are entitled to feel the way you wish too. Many folks love buying presents for family and friends and really nothing wrong with this. I just have a tree and do hand out gifts on Chanukah day mainly but my mate prefers that I open up gifts on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. He is a good man and is agnostic and does not even believe in God, but I do not condemn him for this. He does believe there are many gods though and is more into pagan religion then any other religion, but as said, ''to each their own''..

You do not have to become religious fanatic to enjoy the spirit of Christmas and some folks love to watch Christmas shows and movies on TV, during the holidays. I enjoy Scrooge the most, on TV, when it comes on during Christmas time.

There are many games you can play with family or friends at Christmas time, and drink egg nog and open each others gifts...but Christmas, Chanukah and even Kawanzaa day are a time for celebration, not bickering or fighting, as holidays, all of them are special, so try and love one another, follow the Ten Commandents, if you wish too, or even live by The Golden Rules, to just be good to one another, after all, we should all be loving and caring even during the holidays so make your Christmas, or Chanukah or Kawanzaa day special and keep the spirit in your heart for always.

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