By Stella Dimokokorkus
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''tricia is a liar''..oby

''i dont give a damm about oby''....tricia.

Former best friends oby edozien and tricia esiegbe were like sisters for many years but their friendship could not stand the test of time and now these ladies can no longer stand the sight of each other and the man at the centre of this storm is none than divorced former musician daniel wilson. Encomium sources revealed that the brouhaha which began in 2004 is getting deeper and hotter by the day.it is alleged that light skinned actress Oby gold Edozien snatched daniel wislon from her erstwhile best friend tricia esiegbe.

According to the sources''both ladies were so close that even aircould not get in between them.one day Oby took actress Marie Eboka to Daniel Wilsons office for a visit and thereafter daniel and marie began an affair unknown to tricia but applauded by oby,and then daniel gave oby the sum of 20k to keep sealed lips and not tell his gilfriend tricia.

Oby later went to tricia and told it all leaving out the money details and thus the affair between tricia and Daniel ended.later daniel and oby began dating secretly and later daniel confessed in tears to tricia what had transpired between him and oby''. Encomium sources revealed that this revelation did not go down well with tricia and after these confessions,tricia stormed boys house and both ladies had a bitter showdown in surulere and thus the relationship cracked beyond repair''according to our soucres''this event led to the breakup of the relationship between controversial lawyer festus keyamo and oby because festus and daniel are close friends and this was the reason the lawyer did not marry oby and the reason he cannot stand her presence is as a result of oby snatching him from another of her friend whom she had escorted to his office''.

Actress oby edozien called Encomium on monday febuary 25,2008 in response to the write up titled ''between daniel wilson,tricia esiegbe and oby edozien'' which appeared in gistscafe colum last week.she expressed shock that the report stated that she had snatched daniel from tricia,hear her''i am not that cheap,you have killed my image with that writeup.i didnt collect any 20k from daniel for christ sakes,your story does not even make sense,daniel dated marie eboka and i had nothing to do with it.

why is tricia carrying my name all over,people who know me know that this is not true.daniel dumped tricia esiegbe before i started dating him.daniel and i are still best friends and i even shot a movie in his house a while back and he was so nice to me that producer lancelot imaseun expressed shock that daniel was so nice with me.after the shooting daniel was even the one who took me to a hotel and paid for it,so how come we are not on talking terms?even festus keyamo is still my friend and i am using his house in my next movie so what is tricia talking about?

it is obvious that that old hag has not moved on with her life,she is frustrated and a liar.i swear with my dead fathers name and may he not rest in peace if i am lying, God is my witness.please tell her to leave my name alone.she is no longer getting scripts in nollywood,it was only chico ejiro that used to give her scripts and he is not giving her anymore,i have made lots of films and produced my own movie,so why is she spoiling my name out of jealousy?i called her some days back and she dropped the phone on me,i wanted to warn her to stop sending people to call me and abuse me,she cut the phone as soon as she heard my name but i sent her sms warning her to stay clear of me''

The actress oby called back on the morning of febaury 26,2008 by 10:18am and and in her own words added''i forgot to add one last thing yesterday when i called,let it be known that i would rather die than beg tricia esiegbe,please write my own version and let the truth be known that the first version that you wrote is not the correct version.tricia is a liar and i know she is the one responsible for this negative image that i am getting,let her get a life,if she is in a relationship,she wont have time for such,let her get a man and leave me alone please''

Encomium called tricia esiegbe,hostess of tv programme 'bold faces'on tuesday febuary 26,2008 to get her own portion of what actually transpired between her and her former best friend but she refused to comment on the issue further,in her own words''i dont want to trade words with oby edozien because i have moved on with my life and God has blessed me,she means nothing to me,important people have advised me to leave this matter because talking about it is like going back to the past.when told that her ex-best friend swore that her dead father not rest in peace if the acusations are true,tricia responded''she can swear with her living mothers name
if she likes,she should stop using her fathers name the man is already rested in peace,i dont care about whatever oby says,i am happy and i have moved on,please tell her to move on,i have a focused life,all these are distractions and i dont want things like this to derail me.please i have better things to do with my time thank you''.

Encomium contacted daniel wilson,the man at the centre of this storm for his part of the story but his numbers were unavialable.